HOLLYWOOD—Hanna got the reunion of a lifetime, as Quincy Jr. returned to her life in last week’s episode. In the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots,” ‘Quincy Jr.’ saw Hanna and Benny realize that their relative has suffered extreme abuse at the hands of his father. It left Benny and Hanna in tears; it became evident very early on that this child has been corrupted to suspect all things to be bad. Gosh, it was a tearjerker to see Benny and Hanna have to grapple with such horrific situations.

They debated rather it would be a wise choice to take the child to the hospital, knowing that child protective services might question what transpired. Candace continued to get cozy with Oscar, but questioned his motives once again, when he became slightly standoffish towards her. She was driven to tears when Oscar forced her to acknowledge what not having a father figure in her life has done to her; she attempted to resist, but allowed her new flame to show compassion.

Benny and Hanna sat in the waiting room while Quincy Jr. was being treated. They tried desperately to get in contact with Candace to no avail. Wow, Hanna saw her son in a different light, as she began to realize that her baby is not a baby anymore, he’s a man, and he means business. Back at the Cryer residence, Jim and Katheryn discussed the details of Amanda’s diary.

She revealed that Amanda stalked her attacker and stabbed him. She was out for blood, and what the Cryer’s want they always get. Benny and Hanna were floored when they discovered that the police and child protective services suspected they were responsible for what happened to Quincy Jr.

Jeffrey was none too pleased to find Melissa in his apartment making demands. This girl has done a complete 160 since we first met her. So happy to see Jeffrey stand up for himself and not continue to listen to whatever his mother says. God, Veronica Harrington is a nut case.

Wyatt was surprised to see his parents pay him a visit while behind bars. Katheryn was slightly emotional when she came face-to-face with her son. He admitted he’ll lie to the district attorney to get out of prison. He begged for his parents to get him out of jail, but they refused to budge; if that is a parenting trick, I’d hate to be one of their kids. It was heartbreaking to see Quincy Jr. being questioned by the authorities about how he got his bruises, yet he refused to tell the truth, suspecting the police to be bad. At the hospital, Benny and Hanna were stunned to see Quincy walk into the facility. Whoa, Benny nearly lost it.

Hanna and Benny confessed to the authorities about what happened to their sibling, which left the Young’s floored. Benny did his best to get the social worker to allow them to see Quincy Jr. Jim and Katheryn came face-to-face with the man who was responsible for making their daughter go crazy. He was shaking in his boots, and for once I was happy to see Jim in his villainous role; I’ve been waiting for this moment since season one. He admitted that he knew Candace was an escort, which led to Jim putting a beating on the professor. Oh, that guy should be concerned because the Cryers’ are dangerous when they are out for vengeance.

Benny was finally able to get in contact with Candace to alert her that he found her son and she is needed ASAP at the hospital. She was thrown by his call as Oscar had dozens of roses throughout the hotel to show his love. Candace was thrown for a loop when she got the opportunity to speak to her son; finally the vixen exhibits some raw and real emotion. Wyatt was shaken to the core, when he came face-to-face with his newest cellmate, who planned to do something horrific. Uh-oh, looks like Jim and Katheryn’s plan is about to backfire in ways they never imagined. Until next week “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!