HOLLYWOOD—Well, Steffy Forrester is making sure people realize she is the top dog in Los Angeles, especially at Forrester Creations. Steffy had a whirlwind of mayhem with discovering that Finn attended Sheila and Deacon’s wedding. To say she was livid with Finn was an understatement. Finn tried his best to explain the situation to Steffy who wanted to hear none it. It doesn’t help you Finn that you’re telling your wife that Hope was your cheerleader for building a stronger bond with Sheila.

Remember how Steffy was interfering with Thomas and Hope’s relationship, looks like Hope is returning that favor to Finn and Steffy’s relationship. What is the problem? It feels like Hope might be developing some feelings for Finn. Yes, I teased this weeks ago because it was so obvious as a viewer and now we see the potent signs of it coming to fruition. I always loved the idea of Finn and Hope hooking up because it would be karma to Steffy and Liam for cheating on their loved ones during that drunken escapade thanks to Thomas Forrester.

Steffy wants to cut Hope For The Future, and it took Hope, Brooke and the Logan sisters by storm. Brooke was not having any of it, and Hope was ready for a battle of all battles. The tension between these two ladies has been growing increasingly in past weeks. Like I said before Steffy Forrester tends to stick her nose in places where it doesn’t belong.

When it comes to Sheila and Finn, yes, you have every right to protect your family, but Hope and Thomas dating? None of your business, because I can tell you with certainty Steffy doesn’t like when people butt into her business. Carter, why is this guy even on the show? He has no storyline and does little to nothing. He is with Katie, but that relationship just isn’t giving. Sorry, I know the writers are thinking it is something special, but Carter and Quinn that was special, Carter and Katie not so much.

Carter co-signed Steffy’s notion that it might be time to cut Hope For The Future because the numbers were so dismal. Ridge then found himself in the middle of things playing mediator between his wife and her daughter and his own daughter. Yeah, it was the last place Ridge wanted to be. However, it seems Steffy’s grudge against Hope might bite her in the bum. Why? Finn is coming to Hope’s defense which is the last thing Steffy wants to hear.

Steffy, you should be looking closer because it is so obvious that Finn and Hope are developing a bond and the fact that you’re ignoring it, is going to deliver some heartache much sooner than later. In addition, looks like Ridge is about to make a power move that is going to make Steffy’s head spin. It might be Forrester Creations, but the Logan women have plenty and I mean plenty of power when it comes to these dueling families.

The writers sometimes know what to do with Brooke Logan and other times they are so influx and have no idea what the right move is. Important to note, Thomas Forrester, who has been MIA on “B&B” for the past few months might be making his return to Los Angeles in a few weeks and he could or could NOT come to the rescue of Hope’s fashion house. The question is does Thomas want to be Hope’s champion or has time away totally opened his eyes?

The other big shakeup is Poppy confessing to Bill that he might be the father to Luna. Wait, I was almost certain Poppy made it clear that Bill absolutely was NOT the father to her daughter, so why the sudden 360. Something seems off about this and getting a take home DNA test for the results? C’mon already, Bill you shouldn’t trust that even if you should. It just feels way too easy and obvious that something is off.

Bill is ecstatic with the news, Liam is skeptical (who cares), Luna and Poppy are happy, but Katie and Li are guarded. Katie, you’re not with Bill, so why do you care? I am happy to see the writers finally utilizing top actors and actresses on the soap like Don Diamont and Heather Tom, who are terrific in front of the camera and their talents have been underutilized for months if not what has felt like a year or longer people.

Li is Li, she hates Poppy and I mean her hate for her sister is excessive. It almost makes you wonder, jeez, what the hell did this woman do to you. Did she sleep with your husband? I’m starting to think that it may have transpired, and I think JACK might be Luna’s dad not Bill, and if it plays out that would be a nice twist. Why? We’ve already seen that Bill is the daddy bomb twice already with Wyatt and Liam, and now we’re about to see it a third time with Luna?