HOLLYWOOD—There are some surprises unfolding on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.”  In a shocking twist, Ashley’s therapist Alan dropped a bomb that was quite predictable as a viewer, he has a twin brother, Martin, who was the person who met Ashley after her big fight in Paris. Yes, Martin, may have been up to some devious misdeeds that may have been blacked out by Ashley, which is explaining her sudden mental crisis.

Traci and Alan are doing their best to fill in the fragments, but Alan’s big reveal left Traci and Ashley stunned and wondering what mischief Martin has been up to. One thing is certain, Martin is indeed in Paris because Tucker spotted him, but Martin gave off a scent that raised Tucker’s blinders, as he appeared distant.

In addition, Tucker is dealing with Audra and her increasing hatred for him. Why? Tucker is cutting off Audra at the knees cancelling all her meetings and ensuring she is aware that she is NOT part of Glissade anymore. Audra is not taking Tucker trying to force her out with grace, warning him that she plans to go after the entire company and she wants it ALL. From lovers to foes, things are getting quite nasty for these two.

Yes, at last Summer admitted that she is jealous of Claire’s bond to Harrison. At least Summer is finally taking a look in the mirror and acknowledging it is not just about Claire and her connection to Jordan, she doesn’t like that her ‘son’ and former hubby are bonding with someone else that is not her. Get over it Summer, Kyle is moving on, and the fact that Mariah and Tessa see it, but Kyle doesn’t, says a lot.

Kyle was taken aback when Mariah noted Kyle might have a crush on Claire. Yes, Kyle you totally do, you guys have chemistry, chemistry that you never had with Summer no matter how much the writers tried to push that narrative onto us. With that said, another couple that might be drifting together that I prefer not to see again is Chelsea and Adam. They are spending A LOT of time lately as a result of Connor’s crisis and Sally witnessed a sparking moment that has her concerned to say the least.

Could we see a repairing of Sally and Nick, I’m not sure, I don’t know if that is something I want to see. Why? I feel like Nick should be tied to Sharon and Sharon hasn’t been doing much of anything at all. Sally is worried about Adam and Chelsea’s bond, and Nick has been unlucky in love for quite some time, so the door is open for some great loves to reunite.

The audience now understands that Jill gave Bill her ‘power’ because she is facing some health issues. She was not trying to stick it to Devon and Lily. Devon, Mamie and Nate chatted about their next moves with the company as it pertains to Billy and Jill. Nate wants to keep the peace, the others not so much. Billy might open up and if he does ESPECIALLY to Lily it could seriously change the overall dynamic at Chancellor-Winters. So, the audience is going to have to wait and see on that front.