HOLLYWOOD—Oh wow, the month of December has indeed been an interesting one on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Hope Brady found herself arrested for the death of Dr. Malcolm. Of course, the audience knows Hope didn’t commit the deed, but it appears his employers (who seem more powerful than the DiMera clan) will do anything to keep themselves in the clear. At first I pinpointed, the DiMeras being behind Bo’s kidnapping, but now I’m not so sure about that.

Things have gotten so crazy that Hope’s daughter, Ciara was kidnapped! Yep, Hope might want to tread waters carefully in her mission to exact vengeance for those who led to her hubby’s demise. Hmm, the audience already knows that is not happening. For all of 2015, it was teased that Hope and Rafe would become a hot item on the series, now that both Aiden and Bo are out of the picture, in due time I do see Hope and Rafe becoming an item, and let’s just say it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Philip Kiriakis whirled back into Salem like a storm. First, he took over the reign of Titan enterprises from Brady. Philip is also getting cozy once again with former flame Belle, but I’m not 100 percent sold yet on the chemistry between Belle and the new Philip. It might take a bit of time for things to spark between the lovebirds.

Well, Brady isn’t having the best luck lately. His grandfather Victor booted him from the mansion because of his burgeoning relationship with Theresa and he kinda lost his job. So I guess having Theresa is a bright spot, but something tells me the reformed bad girl will soon return to the dark side, thanks to Kate Roberts aka her partner at Basic Black.

Speaking of Basic Black, seems like Nicole has vanished from the canvas as of late, but apparently, Arianne Zucker has a major storyline in the works considering Dr. Daniel Jonas will be exiting the canvas in the coming weeks. Expect plenty of tears people because “Days” has had a visit from the Grim Reaper quite a few times in 2015, and I expect his presence will continue in 2016. There’s nothing like a death to amplify the narrative in the soap arena (just a hint to all those soaps afraid to kill off characters).

Other big character revelations include the rekindling of the romance between Abigail Deveraux and Chad DiMera, but things were short-lived. While Abigail was reunited with her son, she was relieved to know that her fiancé Ben Weston has been locked behind bars. Well, the happily ever after is on pause because Chad’s older brother Andre has sinister plans in play. He wants his brother to woo Belle Black in hopes of getting back the DiMera fortune that Sami stole and placed into her little sis’ bank account. Chad scuffed at the idea, but Andre doesn’t take no for an answer. So what does he do? He drugs his brother and brainwashes him into doing his bidding.

The break-up shocked Abby who knew something was wrong, just as Chad put his focus on Belle. Hmm, I wonder what Shawn Douglass would say about the latest developments since calling quits on his marriage. Andre is proving to be just as wicked as his father Stefano, if not more ruthless. It’s always a treat to see a villain who really revels in doing all things wicked. I’d say that is a testament to fine acting from Thaao Penghlis who showcased his villainy not too long ago on the ABC soap “General Hospital” as Victor Cassadine.

Oh, for those who were eagerly waiting for things to explode between Steve and Kayla they indeed have as the super couple are engaged, but they have one slight problem: Ava Vitali. She has swooped back into town and has made threats against Steve, Kayla and their son Joey. The mafia princess is indeed out for blood, but the bigger question is just precisely what is she after. It looks like that motive will unfold in the coming weeks.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Days of Our Lives” is indeed the soap of 2015!