HOLLYWOOD—Well, the time has finally come, angelic Hope Logan has proven she might be more like her mother Brooke Logan than she wishes to admit on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” For weeks, Hope has suddenly developed these intense emotions for Thomas. She has been fantasizing about kissing Thomas, sleeping with Thomas, and while in Italy, temptation became too much for Hope to resist. Yes, Steffy has been watching Hope for weeks after witnessing that moment between her and Thomas while at Forrester Creations.

I’m glad now that I think of it to see Steffy call out Hope. She needed to alert her to 1) prevent Thomas from unraveling and 2) from destroying her marriage for a reason no one can truly understand. Hope, Liam is the love of your life and you decide while Liam is away (he actually isn’t) you can play and not get caught. Well, there is always someone watching as they say. Brooke warned Hope, Steffy warned her again, but Hope refused to listen.

Liam was just not feeling comfortable with all that has transpired with Hope and Thomas lately. To show support to his wife, Liam planned an impromptu visit to Rome, one that no one currently in Rome had any idea about, especially Hope. After celebrating the success of their collaboration, Hope planted an intense kiss on Thomas in front of an iconic monument. There was just one problem, Liam witnessed it all, and Hope has no idea, her husband just caught her cheating on him with his mortal enemy.

Liam is no saint; he has cheated on Hope in the past with Steffy of all people. However, Liam has always been pretty good at coming clean immediately. That doesn’t make it right, though. Most recently in a drunken stupor when he slept with Steffy while she was with Finn. Liam despises Thomas with a fury. I mean we’ve already gone thru the laundry list of chaotic things Thomas Forrester has done to Hope and Liam, but keeping their daughter from them for months has to be at the top of the list people. Beyond cruel, disturbing and just depraved; there is no other way to describe Thomas’ actions there people.

Hope doesn’t seem to think this kiss is a big deal, but the problem is it is about to spread like a wildfire. Liam was devastated and confessed the kiss to Steffy who was shocked, but at the same time not quite. Ugh, I better not see the writers travel down familiar territory and reunite Steffy and Liam yet again. We know history likes to repeat itself and this tale involving Liam and Steffy has been occurring for over a decade. I’m tired of it and I don’t want to see that again, even though NOT MUCH AT ALL IS TAKING PLACE WITH Finn.

I mean the guy is Steffy’s husband and he barely appears on the soap. He almost feels like a footnote; he only appears when absolutely necessary. I mean his mother is Sheila Carter, there is so much that can be done with Finn story wise and it is time to see it unfold. Viewers will have to wait and see what actually unfolds, but I am worried with Liam relying on Steffy. However, I hope this betrayal forces Liam to allows that Spencer side of him to emerge, I want to see the vengeful Liam front-and-center people, think Liam becoming his father, Bill. Oh, that would be a shift in the character that I think the audience would die for.

Taking custody of Beth, punishing Hope, getting his pound of flesh on Thomas, oh, it would be a war I am all for the Spencer family vs. the Forrester clan, oh, imagine the fallout. In other news, it looks like Ridge has chosen the woman who has always had his heart. The Brooke and Taylor truce is over, which makes me wonder what the writers will do with the character of Taylor Hayes. Taylor’s return to the canvas was welcome and full of surprises, but while in Rome, Brooke and Ridge reconnected and it appears there love story is stronger now than ever since being apart for more than 6 months people. I thought Paris was the city of love and passion, but it appears Rome is people.

Am I all that interested in Ridge and Brooke reuniting? No, I want to see the fallout between Thomas and Hope’s kiss, because the mayhem is about to be so worth it.