SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, August 31, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) released that UCSF Health received a reputation as “LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader” for 2020 by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation.

UCSF Health was the first hospital to join the annual Healthcare Equality Index (HEI), the national LGBTQ guideline to evaluate healthcare facilities and policies, in 2007. The medical center is also known as the only institution, which has been coined the LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader every year since. In 2020, 495 facilities received the command, earning an overall score of 100 points of the Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) index.

“The health facilities participating in the HRC Foundation’s Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) are not only on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, but are also making it clear from their participation in the HEI that they stand on the side of fairness and are committed to providing inclusive care to their LGBTQ patients,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “In addition, many have made strong statements on racial justice and equity and are engaging in efforts to address racial inequities in their institutions and their communities. We commend all of the HEI participants for their commitment to providing inclusive care for all.”

Mark R. Laret, Chief Executive Officer and president of UCSF Health commented, “We are honored to have been recognized once again by the HRC Foundation for our ongoing efforts to provide the highest quality health care for our LGBTQ patients, their families and our employees…As we have seen so vividly this year, equity in both health and society is not something that we can address once and be finished. It requires a constant commitment not only to eliminating inequalities, but also to proactively educating ourselves, so that all members of our community feel included, respected and supported.”

According to the statement, UCSF Health follows LGBTQ-inclusive policies and supports gender-affirming health coverage for all students and employees by establishing an LGBTQ office and Lesbian Health Research Center.

UCSF Health took the lead in the field of HIV/AIDS research since the 1980s and created the AIDS Research Institute. A new UCSF Center for Sexual and Gender Minority Health, Transgender Care, the Alliance Health Project, the Child & Adolescent Gender Center Clinic, and the 360 Wellness Center are also leading LGBTQ-centered medical services.