BEVERLY HILLS—Had you not read the title of this post, how much of Hugh Hefner’s approximately $43 million would you think his widow, Crystal Harris, would receive?

Reports surfaced on Thursday, the day after 91 year-old Hefner’s death, that Harris will not receive a dime of his monetary remains.

The 31 year-old model was allegedly not included in the Playboy founder’s will, as she signed a prenuptial agreement which does not permit her to inherit any of his belongings or money in the event of divorce or death.

A source, cited by Radar Online, also revealed that per the agreement, should they divorce or Hefner die, “Crystal would have to vacate the mansion, and has no legal rights to the iconic Holmby Hills estate. Hef wanted to sign the prenup at the house so photographers wouldn’t spot him going into his lawyer’s office.”

Hefner’s money will reportedly be dispersed evenly among his four children, Christie, David, Marston, and Cooper.

Hefner and Harris, who met in 2008 at a Playboy Mansion Halloween party, first became engaged in December 2010; Harris was 24 and Hefner was 84. They planned to wed in June 2011, but Harris called it quits just days before their marriage. The two later reunited and married in December 2012 when Harris was 26 and Hefner was 86; the marriage was her first and his third.

The six-decade age gap initially raised questions as to whether or not Harris was only in it for the money. She denied this.

“I have my own career going. I make my means through the music career I’ve started, and also I’m a playmate, so there’s income from that. I love Hef and I love being with him,” Harris said in a 2010 interview with News of the World.