SAN FRANCISCO—Before 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 23, a line of 100 people gathered in the parking lot of Oracle Park to receive free food. People showed up in cars, some walked and others were in wheelchairs, as the San Francisco Marin Food Bank opened its first walk-up and pop-up shot.

From 9-1 p.m.,  residents were able to receive groceries in plastic bags. Some foods included pork loin, a loaf of bread, potatoes, onions, apples and oranges, and head of lettuce.

The quantity of food is to feed a family of four, said Gabriela Pina one of the volunteers who was handing out the food with her son Jean-Luc Desnoyers.

Around 12:20 p.m., after distributing more than 600 bags of food, supplies ran out, and some were turned away.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the San Francisco Marin Food Bank has served double the amount of people. Tina Gonzalez, director of community partnerships has seen the number of people grow after each food bank event. Gonzalez stated that many people are losing jobs while having their kids at home, and the number of people at these events are growing.

The Oakland Coliseum, the Alameda County Community Food Bank are also serving approximately 1,000 families a day.

Saturday was the first pop-up pantry at Oracle Park near the Mission Bay neighborhoods. Donations are being accepted and any gift will be matched through May 31. Every $1 donation to San Francisco-Marin Food Bank provides four meals for neighbors in need of food as well.