HOLLYWOOD─I am still baffled in my brain, how in the world, Kelly did not remove those pictures from her Bible before allowing dirty copy Eddie to steal it. I mean c’mon on Tyler Perry, your characters cannot be that stupid or perhaps they are. The latest episode of “If Loving You is Wrong,” ‘Going Along for the Ride’ saw Lushion going to work to retrieve that evidence that was stolen.

Things kicked off with Lushion receiving a visit from Ian who alerted his pal that the District Attorney might be digging into their case against Kelly. The goal was to ensure that the public defender doesn’t crack under pressure to ensure Kelly’s case is rock solid. Our undercover agent decided to poke at Ian about his relationship with Alex. He denied, but Lushion already knew what transpired.

OMG, really here we go with this stale dialogue people. He started to flip out, under the impression that Alex might have filed a claim that he raped her, but Lushion did not seem the least bit concerned. Looks like Lushion might have some leverage that he can utilize at a later date if need be. Brad and Marcie were still torn over the fact that Alex just walked out on her kids and her responsibilities.

Marcie was taken aback with the fact that Brad is stepping up to take care of Alex’s son, which is not his people. I will admit its cute seeing Marcie and Brad together. Here comes round three: Marcie vs. Randal. I love Marcie continuing to poke the dagger at her ex about Alex and her newfound love for Brad. He issued threats, but Marcie did not back down when she slapped him several times on the face. She taunted Randal, who contained himself as much as possible, but it was apparent he was doing his best to contain how he was truly feeling.

The MVP award goes to Heather Hemmens as Marcie; man I love this character! Alex showed up at Dr. Rolston’s office speaking a bunch of jibberish that had her physician concerned for her wellbeing. Mainly, Alex wanted some birth control pills. The doctor alerted Brad of the situation, but he really didn’t want to hear about his former ex. Alex decided to get hammered at a country bar, where she was already drunker than a skunk.

Larry continued to dig about new details that have arisen about the Travis Kane case and the fact that Kelly might have a defense that works against Larry’s endgame. Larry issued a threat, and it was something that started to irk Ian’s skin people. Why in the world is Randal so obsessed with the lives of people who are NO LONGER in his orbit? It’s like get a life already buddy? I was absolutely laughing listening to Alex insult Randal’s manhood; brutal punch to say the least. She made it clear to him that he was just a fling.

Randal planned to come down to the cowboy bar to see Alex, who contacted Esperanza to alert her pal of her location. It became clear to Esperanza that her pal was quite drunk. This should be fun; Esperanza and Natalie are going to visit Alex, just as Kelly screamed in agony for Lushion to assist her with Eddie stealing her Bible. Lushion immediately reacted after discovering what occurred. She started to fracture, but Lushion tried to remain calm. This is the Lou we saw back in the earlier season when he fired shots at Eddie after he used a Taser on Natalie.

Natalie and Esperanza tried to reason with their drunken gal pal, and it was apparent Alex was spiraling people. Natalie wanted to leave, Esperanza, not so much. Lushion got an update on Carl, just as he decided it was time to handle business with dirty cop Eddie once again. He wanted that Bible and physically assaulted the former cop for the Bible and the pictures. Eddie wanted to play games, and it looked like Lushion was about to go to war. Eddie made a call to Larry letting him know that he has pictures and he wanted money, but wanted to meet him face-to-face.

The final moments of the episode saw Brad in a panic when he realized Alex’s newborn son was not breathing. Next week looks good, Eddie gives offers, Ian and Lushion get busted by Larry and Brad, Alex and Esperanza rush to save the baby. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!