HOLLYWOOD—I am so happy we are getting a two-night premiere of the Tyler Perry hit “If Loving You is Wrong.” Last night, we picked up some Intel on specific details. We picked up precisely where last Tuesday night left off. This episode, “The Red Dress’ revealed the fate of Kelly.

Lushion was pissed that Eddie teased him about Kelly dying, as I predicted Eddie was just messing with him. Eddie when are you going to learn that Lushion is not one to play with? He was not happy to have to deal with another situation involving Randal who can’t seem to learn when to stop antagonizing people. Steven warned Lushion to try to make leeway to help Kelly and her case. Yes, Randal got a taste of his own medicine; he thought he had Marcie nailed to rights, but his hard drive is gone. Checkmate buddy!

Natalie updated Esperanza about all the antics that transpired in the neighborhood of late. Brad did his best to calm Marcie’s nerves, but she should have heeded her own advice and not answered the call knowing it was Randal all along. Marcie wanted Brad to find someone to take out Randal once and for all. I forgot Marcie and Ian were getting closer, but with Brad in the mix that makes things difficult. Too bad the audience didn’t see him. It is apparent the writers are aiming to reignite the sparks between Marcie and Brad, as it seems the relationship with him and Alex is long over.

Well, she is ALIVE! The audience got confirmation of what we already expected that Kelly did survive her attempt to take her life. She was an emotional mess people. Lushion did his best to calm his pals nerves, by letting her see a picture of her son to reignite the importance of her fighting to ensure she takes care of her son. Man, this woman is a mess, all because of Travis, thankfully he’s out of the picture, but his actions are still haunting her.

Esperanza and Natalie caught up with one another over a bottle of wine, which lead to Natalie reading her pal, Alex, the riot act. Yes, Alex, you are the reason all this chaos has exploded and it’s about time you take ownership for your actions; which brings me to the next love connection: Alex and Bennett! He seems smitten by her, even though he’s married. He caught the ladies attention when he mentioned he was firefighter, but his wife, Tonya, is a mess.

We learned something else in this episode, Tonya has OCD. She had to check that mailbox like a million times, which only caught the attention of Randal who is continuing to get on my last nerves. Randal being Randal noticed Tonya’s antics and I sense he is going to pursue a potential relationship with a married woman once again.

Are they or aren’t they? That is the question we all want to know regarding Esperanza and Steven. I’m glad to see more Esperanza this season, as she seemed lost in the woods last