HOLLYWOOD—Ok, not really sure what is going on with “Insecure,” but it is absolutely apparent this final season is playing with time and doing things that audiences haven’t seen before. This week’s episode, ‘Growth, Okay?!’ is the first episode I can recall where Issa and Molly did NOT appear in the episode. Did I find it odd? Absolutely, but at the same time it was  bit refreshing as the focus was solely on Lawrence, Condola and their struggle to understand the stressors of parenthood.

Lawrence was stunned to discover that Condola gave birth to his son Elijah via text, from Condola’s sister played by Kiki Palmer. Palmer has absolutely diversified her acting credentials as of late with a bevy of TV and film roles showcasing that the actress can tackle almost any genre of film or TV and is not afraid to approach things with tenacity.

It is almost difficult to fathom that Lawrence has not realized that he is a father because he is still living life as if he’s not a father, but he has the aspirations and goals of being a father, but he hasn’t necessarily made that leap and bound to take on the role fully, which has frustrated Condola to say the least. Yeah, I will be honest, this episode was piercing at the heart a bit about how as men, we think we know what to prepare for when it comes to parenthood, but we have no idea and then to tackle the struggles of dealing with a crying baby, changing diapers, baby mama drama and realizing your world is NO LONGER about you is a major pill to swallow people.

That pill is one that punches Lawrence directly in the stomach with little to no hesitation at all. Condola is relying on Lawrence is attempting to be more involved in his son’s life, but each time he gets that opportunity he feels burnt from work and Condola is left disappointed.  Is he sending mixed signals? Absolutely, and Lawrence was called out by Tiffany’s husband at Simone’s first birthday party by Kelli. Oh, Kelli this character is the dream that writers think of. Hilarious, off-kilter and a woman who is just absolutely a breath of fresh air.

Lawrence please heed that advice given to you. A child can sense tension and the tension between you and Condola is thick and thieves. It all culminated when Lawrence flew to Los Angeles from San Francisco to take his son for the weekend. Did he baby proof/prepare his apartment for the child? Yes, but that’s not enough. When he snapped at Condola, she snapped back; the two got into a major argument that left them wondering how in the world they plan to co-parent and put Elijah first, without getting on each other’s nerves.

Next week we see Molly and Issa continue to repair their relationship as they take a little getaway with a few guys where it looks like relationships will thrive or crash and burn as a result. Until next Sunday “Insecure” lovers!