HOLLYWOOD—Well after Issa dropped that bomb at the end of last week’s episode of “Insecure” it was clear that things between Issa and Lawrence would never be the same. This week’s episode, ‘Growth, Okay?!’ decided to fast-forward one year later. Ok, this is interesting because it seems like EVERY TV show is utilizing this time jump motif to propel storytelling.

I mean Molly chopped off her hair and is rocking the short-look. Issa and her public speaking had a major impact on her career and a few people who consider her a genius. Things between Molly and Issa are a lot better people. The friends are actually back to being friends. It looks Issa is chummy with Nathan whose barbershop is thriving, as the two chatted about their burgeoning entrepreneurship dreams. Looks like Molly’s mother is hoping to strike a love connection for her daughter and a former pal from her childhood.

One of Issa’s projects hit a snag, that didn’t brighten her spirits as much as one hoped. Molly is jumping back into the dating arena via an app, but discovered it is not as easy as it looks. It was apparent that Molly has dated a lot of guys and has no idea of exactly what she wants in a relationship. It blew her mind having to grapple with that notion. A breakfast meeting tested Issa to push for her perspective on an opportunity that was important to her and it was apparent that pushing for what you want will benefit you in the end.

Wow, Kofi Sirobe is doing double duty, “Queen Sugar” and “Insecure.” However, on “Insecure” he portrays Crenshawn, a designer who has his vision and how he has to alter his performance to NBW’s ambitious vision. Issa stop talking you’re digging a major hole that is going to be difficult to get out of. Luckily, Crenshawn was receptive to the constructive criticism and things are moving in the right direction. As expected, Issa is about to be delivered a surprise that is going to have a major blowback to her business partners.

Issa found herself in a pickle, one that she did not improve and it did indeed stun the members in the audience to say the least. I thought it was going to be negative feedback, but it actually turned out to be a positive highlight for Issa and Crenshawn. Molly had a date, and Issa decided to see if any sparks are still there with Nathan. The two took their friendship to the next level, and it ended awkwardly with Issa bursting out in tears as they were about to have sex. It was hilarious and also awkward as hell people. As a guy that would be beyond devastating, embarrassing and frustrating as hell before the episode with Nathan just bolting.

Will admit last week had plenty more laughs than this week’s episode. Last week I couldn’t stop laughing, this week I think I chuckled just once. Until next week “Insecure” lovers!