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Jack Really Is John Abbott’s Son!

Jack Abbott was stunned to learn after months of searching for his father, that John Abbott is his father all along.

HOLLYWOOD—After months of wanting to discover who Jack Abbott’s father was on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless,” the audience now knows. Don’t expect some game-changing announcement, because Jack’s father is none other than John Abbott. Yup, Jack is John’s son, but the icing on the cake was the revelation that Ashley Abbott was the catalyst of this masterful plan to deceive her brother and her entire family. I keep wondering for weeks just how Ashley Abbott would make her exit from “Y&R” and now I have a pretty good idea.

The past 2 weeks audiences were given hints with that mystery guy showing up to Jabot and making demands against Jabot’s newest CEO, but this past week, things hit a feverish pitch when Kyle did his sleuthing and went to his father with what he discovered. That information led to another Jabot board meeting where the ugly truth and Ashley’s devious plot came to light. Look I’ll be honest; I was floored to learn that Ashley was responsible for putting the plan into motion.

Why? She wanted revenge against Jack for outing her about her true heritage last year, not to mention implementing that blood clause that prevented her from holding top ranks at the company. Eileen Davidson was golden with her acting this week, as well as Peter Bergman. The rivalry between brother and sister reached new heights, Ashley showed very little remorse in the matter, as her family was left appalled. Phyllis was outraged, Abby was speechless, Kyle was livid, Jack wanted blood, and it was the Abbott family reunion that one should NEVER want to attend.

After the majority of the family left the office, Jack and Ashley really went toe-to-toe. She called Jack out on all his dirty antics over the years and she relished in doing it. Like Ashley is hard core, I’ve never seen this dark side of the woman. I mean we know she can keep secrets. She kept the truth about Abby’s paternity for quite some time, before confessing that Victor was Abby’s father. However, when it comes to being CEO of Jabot, Ashley was determined to get that position back even if it meant taking down both of her brothers and her entire family in the process.

Jack frustrated with his sister, dragged her to the coals before launching a chair through a window leaving Ashley speechless to say the least. Jack may as well take his rightful heir to his father’s company, while Ashley will become not only the black sheep of the family, but of Genoa City, so it makes sense for her to leave town for a while. The dynamic was further complicated by Billy’s arrival back in GC and entering an absolute dog fight amongst siblings.

He probably should stay in rehab a little longer. Billy was the least bit remorseful for sleeping with Summer, but he never expected the truth about his affair to come out so soon. He gloated to Phyllis about his tryst, which only enraged our fiery red head. Phyllis was appalled and slapped Billy, but my concern was finding out what she would do with Summer, who has become an absolute annoyance to say the least. Summer has lost Kyle to Lola and quite frankly she doesn’t have many fans in GC to say the least right now. As a viewer, she has become so annoying I can’t wait for the character to vacate the premises.

In other news, it looks like Rey and Sharon are getting closer and that is making Nick none too happy to say the least. Nick can sense that Sharon is drifting apart of him. Friction between Rey and Nick is growing and I can see these two coming to blows very soon. This brings us to a more important matter at hand: someone is blackmailing the fearsome four. Yes, Sharon, Nikki, Phyllis and Victoria have all received letters noting that someone is well aware of what they did and they want cash to keep their mouths shut.

There is plenty of speculation as to who is the blackmailer, but the finger has quickly pointed to Tessa and to be honest it makes perfect sense. Tessa is no saint and will do almost anything to get ahead. Even though her relationship with Mariah is stronger than ever, I would not put it past Tessa to get her hands on some information that would help her get the cash to help her sister. Honestly, that is a lackluster twist if you ask me.

If anything the writers should bring J.T. back from the dead; let him be the person to be responsible for torturing the women who ‘murdered’ him. We’ve seen so many people return from the dead time and time again, so why not allow it to happen one more time. I mean the ladies decided to dig up J.T.’s body, but what they found was the true shocker “Y&R” fans!

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