HOLLYWOOD─I don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so when it comes to the revelation of Jake being Stefan DiMera on “Days of Our Lives” last week. So the audience knows what many of us expected when the doppelganger made his presence in Salem. Gabi knew it right away, but everyone questioned the idea because Stefan’s heart was beating in Julie Williams’ body. Yes, the audience including myself is eager and I mean eager to find out exactly how Stefan is alive, unless some other twist is headed in the audience’s direction.

With that said, Jake seemed to be punched in the gut by this revelation, realizing that Gabi is his wife, Vivian is his mother, and now two enemies have aligned in (Gabi and Vivian) to try to get their hands on that truth serum from Dr. Rolf to not only re-establish Stefan’s memory, but explain what may have transpired after he was declared dead. I’m trying to see how Vivian plans to weasel out of her latest brush with the law considering she shot and buried Kate Roberts alive.

I mean it was an eye for an eye, because Kate shot and ‘killed’ Vivian who returned from the dead with an axe to grind. So one would argue justice was served in this predicament at least for the time being people. With that said, it’s time for another wedding, this time between Justin and Kayla. Look I don’t want to spend a ton of time on this tale, even though it’s the tale of the hour because it’s so predictable. Steve stepped to the side as Justin and Kayla prepared for their big day. I mean if all the signs leading up to the wedding weren’t signals, I’m not sure what the hell would. I mean have of Salem had no intention of coming to the wedding, no one was willing to officiate it, which prompted Will to become an ordained minister to ensure the nuptials transpired.

With all that said, Hope and Jennifer had a conversation in a public setting, where they discussed Steve’s ever-lasting love for Kayla, his sweetness. Steve is stepping aside, he gave Justin his blessing, he let Hope know that he had no plans to attend the nuptials and he was letting his true love. Justin overheard that comment, and it rattled his confidence to the core.

Justin was already talking to Sonny about how he was nervous about his and Kayla’s love, but to hear these details further reiterated the notion that that he wasn’t getting his happily-ever after. With that said, Justin took a visit to Adrienne’s grave and he witnessed a ghostly presence. Is it Adrienne or could it be her doppelganger Bonnie? I mean “DOOL” is known for characters having doubles who have not only caused chaos in Salem, but ruined the lives of many of our favorites.

Long story short, As Kayla and Justin were ready to tie the knot, with both Kayla, Justin and Steve having reservations, Justin stopped the wedding. No surprise there America. In other Salem news, the Allie baby bombshell is starting to heat up. Allie was ready to allow Rafe, her former stepfather to adopt her child. Yeah, not sure how Sami is going to fell about that, but I suspect she will not be too happy people.

Eric and Nicole have been great shoulders for Allie to lean on, but it’s become apparent that all parties involved including Kate and Lucas that Sami is going to discover the truth sooner than later. Yes, prepare for drama Salemites because it looks like Sami will be arriving in Salem very soon to make her presence known to all. Rafe wanted to think about the decision, just as Will and Sonny threw their hate into the ring of potentially adopting Allie’s baby. I mean if Allie cannot raise the child at least it’s fitting to know that a family member will raise the child.

It is just going to be a bit difficult to explain her true upbringing when the time comes. With that said, there are two more weddings in the words: Nicole and Eric (not concerned about too much drama) and Ben and Ciara (very concerned about the outcome). We know that Claire is up to no good, first ruining Ciara’s dress and then causing ire in Ben who was worried that Claire was up to her deceitful misdeeds yet again. Keep your eye out on Ben and Ciara’s wedding because I’m certain it will be the one that delivers the biggest shockers.