SAN FRANCISCO—James Denman Middle School, located just outside of San Francisco’s Mission District, was on lockdown after initial reports of an active shooter on Wednesday, March 15.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, they responded to the school’s location on Oneida Avenue after 12:20 p.m. after receiving reports of an active shooter. The reports of an active shooter turned out to be false after they conducted an investigation. The school was on lockdown for 40 minutes.

What investigators determined was that an altercation broke out between two students. A school staff member was able to locate a firearm that one of the students brought on campus which officers later seized. No one was injured and the firearm never went off. 

The two children involved were later arrested by police. Due to the suspects minor status all that is known is that they were between 11 and 13 years of age. It is unknown what led up to the altercation. 

According to the school district, the school’s emergency plan worked as it should have. The school went into a lockdown to keep students and staff safe, and parents were called, emailed or texted to notify them on what was going on.