HOLLYWOOD—Chaos people, that is the best way to describe what is taking place on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” I will admit I slightly enjoy watching the series on Peacock, but at the same time I hate it. Why? When it comes to streaming you have to login and click on the series versus, just watching it at the same time each day on NBC as it aired for 50 plus years. Streaming is indeed going to be the death of TV as we know.

So where should we begin? How about Jennifer Deveraux spiraling people? She relapsed and was taking pills and she was busted by Maggie, then Jack (who turned a blind eye), but it was an accident involving Jack’s wicked daughter, Gwen that finally forced Jennifer to realize she needs help. Why? She struck Gwen with her car and fled the scene, and the crash happened in front of the Salem Police Department. Talk about odd and just crazy. The PD has no footage of this collision that occurred and Jennifer is off the hook? Talk about poor policing skills.

Jennifer knows she committed something cruel, so she has sought out treatment at a rehab facility that her brother has managed to pull some strings to help his sister out. Jack confirmed to Xander that he believes it was Jennifer who ran Gwen down, but Gwen’s memory is not fully recovered, well it wasn’t last week. Thankfully, she still has a friend in Leo aka Marty, who has been released from prison. She recalled that it was Jennifer who struck her; the question is what Gwen do with this information? The woman has committed heinous misdeed after misdeed, so perhaps she’ll use this information to atone for her sins from the past.

We’ll discuss more about Leo and his release because Clyde has been carted back off to jail. Clyde was the person who murdered Abigail and I will be honest that was such a god damn let down of a reveal. At first I almost wanted Craig to be the culprit, but then it would have been too easy because he suddenly came back in town as the pieces of the puzzle were being put together. Too bad Clyde and Nancy’s impromptu wedding was blown to pieces after Sonny recalled a particular smell that triggered Chad to figure out the details and go after his wife’s murderer with a vengeance, just as EJ realized major trouble was brewing people.

To discover that Clyde never intended to kill Abigail, he wanted to kill Belle because she knew that he shot EJ! Are you freaking kidding me? That is the motive that the writers came up with for this big reveal. Terribly disappointing, because Chad wasn’t even the person who took down Clyde it was EJ who shot the guy who ‘killed’ him in the back and still didn’t take him out. Clyde is back off to prison, but will it last? One can only wonder considering how many times he has busted out of prison people.

EJ may have saved one brother, while he is using another brother, Stefan to get his hands back on DiMera Enterprises. His problem, Gabi holds those reigns and she does not plan to let that go anytime soon. Stefan is pursuing Chloe who only has eyes for Brady, who just won custody of Rachel. So much for Kristen’s masterplan that blew up in her face! Rafe realized his wife, Nicole has eyes for Eric. News alert Rafe, Nicole has ALWAYS HAD EYES FOR ERIC!

Kate, Marlena and Kayla are in the hospital still dealing with that virus that they were injected with by Orpheus, who has been carted off to jail, and a particular flower, aka an orchid is being developed as an antidote because the poison the ladies were injected with is the same one that impact Roman Brady nearly 20 plus years ago. Rex Brady is actively working to find a cure, and it looks like another famed doctor is headed back to Salem, Dr. Mike Horton aka Jennifer’s brother people; interesting development very intriguing and fun to see what might unfold next people.

Is this the end between Sonny and Will because with Sonny staying in Salem to get his grip on Titan, that could be a problem because his brother Alex is running the company, as he continues to recover from being stabbed. Will is headed back to LA to pursue film projects, and that talk they had almost felt like a goodbye people, but we shall see in due time.

Xander and Sarah are finally looking happy for once, just as Sarah made it crystal clear that Gwen better stay away from her hubby and I totally agree. The Gwen and Xander romance was fun when it lasted, but his destiny is with Sarah and I’m glad to see them reunited people. Alex is still pursuing Stephanie who has better chemistry with Chad.

Yes, Stephanie will be Chad’s new romance now that Abigail is dead and I have to agree because they just pair together, which makes one wonder what the writers will do with Alex Kiriakis and who will he be paired with: Chanel, Ali, who knows, considering Paulina’s run for political office is about to be stressed now that someone is blackmailing Paulina’s daughter, Chanel with a secret from the past. Hmm, what did Chanel do “Days of Our Lives” fans!