HOLLYWOOD—The end is near and last week’s return of “The Walking Dead” was a fun one, but this week’s episode, ‘A New Deal’ witnessed the chaos amped up a bit. How so? Secrets and truths were exposed that sent everyone into panic mode. Lance Hornsby had a knife held to his throat courtesy of Daryl, but that all ended when Pamela, Carol and Mercer entered and demanded that Daryl stand down on making the move.

Carol talked her pal down, but I was starting to wonder if it was something she would regret. Well, perhaps not with Daryl launching his blade directly into Hornsby’s hand to prove a point, a bloody one at that. Carol shared the news about Hornsby paying for his crimes and everyone else getting the opportunity to go back to living their life as they had been. Looks like Pamela and Mercer were ready to teach Hornsby a lesson, but he didn’t seem that afraid to say the least.

Hornsby made it clear to Pamela if anything happens to him there will be consequences. Pamela declared publicly that Lance would pay for his crimes, which most of the citizens of the Commonwealth seemed to be in agreement with including Eugene, Carol, Maggie and Daryl who were in attendance. Pamela is such a politician people. Carol and Lydia shared an embrace just as they remembered Henry.

It is so hard to comprehend  that Henry is no longer with us and seeing Jerry, Lydia, Aaron and the others head back to their respective homes it was a sad moment people. The Founder’s Day Celebration was underway, with food, family and games people. This included Ezekiel and Carol bonding, just as Pamela tried to coach Sebastian on how to be a leader and he continued to show that he is a spoiled brat. Negan is still showing that he has changed from his wicked ways of the past as he prepares for the birth of his child, but at the same time one cannot forget all the people he killed and all the heinous things he did.

RJ was coy about Judith’s whereabouts, which worried Daryl who went looking for her. The fact that “The Walking Dead” is already showing teasers for new shows is just stupid. You’re telling the viewers always who is going to live because they have spinoffs. Like this is just terrible when it comes to creating tension and suspense for the viewers!  I was eager to see how things would play out for this final episodes, now, I truly don’t care that much.

Eugene and Stephanie were still churning wheels on ways to make the latest stunt by Hornsby to work to their advantage. Seriously Eugene, you’re about to be the person to hoodwink Lance Hornsby of all people. Yeah, this has disaster written all over it people. Lance warned Eugene about going after the Milton family. Gabriel was preaching to an empty church until Rosita showed up to provide him a bit of encouragement. Daryl located Judith inside the church. She wanted to be alone; she wanted to think and reflect about her father, Rick, who she thinks is dead, but little does Judith know, Rick is very much alive, the audience just hasn’t seen him in quite some time.

Sebastian is still proving to be an ass even after all the turmoil and stress he caused. Stephanie managed to implement her and Eugene’s tactic to bring down the Milton clan by getting Sebastian spiraling on a recording tape. She utilized liquor as a way to get him to loosen up. This woman is good people. A barbaric wrestling event entertained the crowd people and it was a well-thought out distraction from all the mayhem that has transpired in the previous weeks people. While Sebastian started to give his speech, Stephanie gave Eugene the signal to play that recording exposing, Pamela, Sebastian and the Milton family, just as the wicked child realized it was Stephanie who recorded him.

The citizens became outraged as it became the calm before the storm just exploded and things are looking dire now than ever before, as walkers emerged in town and started to attack the citizens. It was a bloody mess to say the least. Daryl lost Judith in the midst of the chaos and I swear these flash shots are driving me crazy people; you can barely see exactly what is taking place. Stephanie found herself in the clutches of Sebastian who tossed her to one of the walkers, but Eugene intervened and Sebastian suffered a gruesome death courtesy of a walker. Judith dispatched of the walker while everyone watched, but it was already too late. I get Sebastian was not a good guy, but to just sit there and not take action while someone is being killed; that’s hard to morally understand people.

Whoa, next week looks like Pamela has revenge on her mind and plans to utilize the Commonwealth to punish those who crossed her. Eugene and Stephanie you’re in trouble! Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!