WESTWOOD—Josh Rosen, the star quarterback of UCLA’s football team, took to Twitter this week to declare his intent to enter the 2018 NFL draft.

Rosen, who has been on the team for the past three years, was expected to make the decision to end his collegiate career earlier this year. As the top high school quarterback recruit in the nation, Rosen was expected to enter the NFL. His stellar performance at UCLA only cemented this even though he was injured and out for most of his sophomore year.

As the starting quarterback for 30 games, Rosen’s stats were impressive; he passed for 9,301 yards, threw 59 touchdowns and only 26 interceptions. All of this was done on a team that had a pretty rough couple of years, going 18 and 20 with two lost bowl games.

Rosen took to Twitter to writing a long and heartfelt statement in which he thanked his teammates, coaches, parents and the school for every opportunity he had been given. He wrote that going to UCLA was “the best decision” of his life and that he was “welcomed with open arms to the warm UCLA community.” UCLA helped him “grow as an athlete, a scholar and a member of the community.”

“I wish we had won more games, but friendships were forged and memories were made that will last a lifetime. They are my best friends – I love them and wouldn’t have chosen any others to go into battle with each and every week,” Rosen said.

In a little P.S. statement at the end of the letter, he promised his mother he would return to UCLA to finish his degree.

Hewas close to former head coach Jim Mora, a family friend before the quarterback singed to come to UCLA. Rosen did say that he discussed leaving with new coach, Chip Kelly.

With Rosen declaring for the NFL, Sam Darnold, the star quarterback on the rival USC Trojans, declared his intent to join the pros as well. He, too, thanked his team and especially the head coaches for all they had given him.

Rosen is expected to be drafted in the first round and could be picked up by quite a few teams. The Cleveland Browns, who have gone for an abysmal 0 and 16 this season, have been on the lookout for a new quarterback as well. The team have been expected to draft one in the first round and may pick up Rosen.

Written By George Morris