HELLO AMERICA!—The great news is that America’s new found young idol, Kamel from Oran, is in serious rehearsals to make his debut in Hollywood. Our new young discovery has been taking English lessons, four times a week dancing moves and always acting training. “It has been quite exciting to finally head in a direction where I will be able to explore my dreams,” he said.

Kamel made it clear that young people throughout the world follow the popular music and dance which come from the U.S. “It is a kind of freedom or liberation which envelopes our entire body,” he said. “When I am able to express my hungers, raw emotions and dreams in rapping, it is like taking medication and helps to release many of my deep feelings and concerns.”

It was interesting to hear Kamel indicate that he would really enjoy the freedom of using the language of people his age. “Young people in America, no matter whether if it’s a song or rap, they paint their story or thoughts in a way other young people will easily identify. And every generation does this, except in many other country of the world. Tradition is considered sacred, especially in dance. You see the same costumes, hair style and jewelry that was used a century ago. Where in America, things change every generation, it seems”

Kamel says that a move to the U.S. would allow him to express his views, honest feelings about: food, men and women relationships and especially about love and war.

“I have always been fascinated with history, studying about the Romans, Greeks and, of course, America’s struggle for independence then embroiled in slavery for many of those of African descent. If you are a writer, composer or even a dancer, there is a wealth of historical background as a credible reference.”

When I noted that his use of English is very impressive, he laughed and quickly gave credit to his high school teachers. “I have had a love for the English language since I was about 12. When I discovered Chaucer, Shakespeare, F. Scot Fitzgerald, I was hooked forever.”

Kamel before ending the video interview, he laughed and said, “You know, I am ready for Hollywood but I hope the place is ready for ME!”