UNITED STATES─Well it is official, we now know what two teams will be playing in Super Bowl XLIV. It will be the dominating San Francisco 49ers against the Kansas City Chiefs. I will admit both games were underwhelming if you ask me. To be honest the AFC Championship Game between the Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs started off impressive. How so?

The Titans were in the driver seat, leaving the Chiefs scoreless for most of the first quarter thanks to Ryan Tannehill, but Patrick Mahomes would respond and by the end of the first half we were looking Kansas City take the lead by 4 points. The third quarter was all about defense as both teams failed to score any points. The fourth quarter would determine if the Titans could live up to all the hype that delivered up to this point in the playoffs. The team managed to score a touchdown, but the Chiefs were just too much for Tennessee to handle, losing 24-35. So for the first time in nearly 50 years the Chiefs are headed back to the Super Bowl and it will be interesting to see how things play out.

The question everyone wanted to know: who would they battle? I expected the NFC Championship Game to be more impressive, but man was this game such a major letdown. I expected the Green Bay Packers to put up a bigger fight, but that first quarter said it all. I mean the Packers couldn’t score a touchdown, and it was like the 49ers were tossing veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the team around like ping pong balls.

I mean the Packers were scoreless the first-half, and my gut just told me there was no way the Packers would lose this game on their home turf. At the end of the third quarter SF was up 34-7, and I thought it was possible for the Packers to bounce back, but it would take Rodgers delivering the performance of a lifetime, and this just wasn’t his year, and lost 20-37.

This is an interesting matchup because I cannot remember the last time the 49ers played in a Super Bowl, and we already know the history with KC. So you’re looking at two relatively newbie teams playing in Super Bowl XLIV. Initially my gut was telling me to pick San Francisco, but for some odd reason I feel like the Chiefs are the underdog, and I always cheer for the underdog people. San Francisco is impressive, but something tells me when the Chiefs are hunger for a victory, so it’ll be Patrick Mahomes against Jimmy Garoppolo. Start placing your bets now people.