HOLLYWOOD—We are starting to get some semblance of reality with award shows somewhat returning to the airwaves. The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards were held on Sunday, August 30, live and taped from New York City. Yes, it was promoted the ENTIRE week that it was all live, but we know some of those performances were taped in advance for the show. The show was hosted by actress Keke Palmer, who kicked off the show with a tribute to late actor Chadwick Boseman, who died on Friday, August 28 from Stage 4 colon cancer.

The “Black Panther” stars untimely passing shocked many this past weekend. The show kicked off with The Weeknd performing his hit “Blinding Lights.” I must say the song is damn catchy, but it was visually disappointing to watch on TV. Yeah, the fireworks at the end were somewhat spectacle, but not enough to draw me in fully.

Lady Gaga was the big winner of the night taking home four Moon Men for Artist of the Year, Best Collaboration, Song of the Year and Best Cinematography for her hit single “Rain on Me” feat. Ariana Grande. Also taking home plenty of love was BTS who walked away with three awards including Best Pop Video and Best Group. The Weeknd won the big prize of the night Video of the Year for “Blinding Lights,” and also won Best R&B Video.

If I’m being totally honest the ceremony itself was a bit of a bore. We saw Da Baby, Doja Cat, Miley Cyrus, BTS and the Black Eyed Peas as just a few of the musical acts amongst others. With that said, I thought the show didn’t kick off until Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande hit the stage to perform “Rain on Me.” It was theatrical and it had a ton of energy and visuals that were fun to witness. I thought Miley was underwhelming and her vocals were not the best in my opinion.

Taylor Swift won for Best Direction for “The Man,” while Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber won for Best Music Video From Home.” Host Keke Palmer did her best with her little skits, but they unfortunately were not that funny America. It fell on deaf ears if you’re asking me. H.E.R. won for Best Video For Good for “I Can’t Breathe.” Megan Thee Stallion won her second Moon Men for Best Hip-Hop Video for “Savage.” Doja Cat picked up the Push Best New Artist prize.

Lady Gaga continued to have a good night being awarded with the first ever Tri-Con prize and she gave an aspiring speech about chasing after one’s dreams and not giving up. She also made it a mission of hers to ensure everyone was well aware that it was important to wear a mask. I mean did you see the countless mask changes she had throughout the night America?

The ceremony closed for the night with the Black Eyed Pears (minus the iconic Fergie) singing a few new hits and old hits at the same time. I will admit it would have been very nice to see Fergie back with her original group. Overall the ceremony was so much more entertaining than what I expected. It is not the same as having a live audience for musicians to feed off that energy, which in my personal opinion is so needed.

Nothing outrageous happened for 2020, even though there were quite a few celebs who presented. There was no Madonna, Britney and Christina Aguilera kiss. So the 2020 MTV VMAs have come and gone, here’s hoping 2021 things will return to the norm.