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Larry King Involved In Beverly Hills Car Crash

Talk show host Larry King was involved in a car accident in Beverly Hills.

BEVERLY HILLS—Journalist Larry King was involved in a car accident with another driver in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, September 26.

The 83-year-old TV and radio show host was seen assessing the damage to both his Lincoln MK and the other driver’s Mercedes-Benz after the crash, TMZ reported. Paramedics examined both King and the driver of the Mercedes. King and the other driver did not sustain any serious injuries from the crash. Neither King and the other driver were not given citations by authorities.

King was involved in another car accident in 1958 with former president and then-Senator John F. Kennedy. While driving in Palm Beach, Florida, King rear-ended Kennedy’s convertible. According to King, Kennedy was angry, but later calmed down and promised to forget the incident if King voted for him in the upcoming presidential election.

King grew to fame as a journalist in Florida in the 1950s, but later became known for his hit series “Larry King Live” which aired on CNN from 1985 to 2010. He currently is the host of “Larry King Now” on Hulu.

Written By Dylan Gera

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