SAN FRANCISCO—For the second time in a week, a mural depicting Latino/Chicano LGBT culture was vandalized in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The mural, entitled “Por Vida,” or “For Life,” translated in English, was installed by artist Manuel Paul just three days before the first vandalization of red and blue paint smeared across the surface. The artwork illustrates two lesbian women on the right, two gay men on the left, and a transgender person in the middle; the work represents and celebrates the presence of LGBT culture in the Mexican American community.

This vandalization happened just before San Francisco’s Gay Pride Festival this coming weekend, alarming locals who hope this is not a precursor for more hate crimes.

Galería de la Raza is the gallery that funded the original placement of the mural; while volunteers gathered the first time to clean up the graffiti, estimating $3000 to fix, the organization is asking for more help to ensure the safety and replacement of a new piece.

Police are investigating two suspects caught on a surveillance camera in ski masks; no other details about culpability have yet been released.