HOLLYWOOD—I swear the ABC soap “General Hospital” does it best when it comes to delivering a surprise to the audience. I mean the last time we saw Dr. Liesl Obrecht she was being carted off to prison for a crime she did not commit courtesy of Peter August. I mean Peter was responsible for the death of her son, she held him captive and still didn’t get her revenge, so this would be fitting for her to blow his world apart courtesy of her connections with the WSB and using Dante Falconeri of all people do to it.

When I saw Dante reviewing that file of Peter, it left me speechless to a degree because I couldn’t make the connection, but when I saw Dante’s doctor speaking to Obrecht it gave me that shock I never expected. To so many fans disappointment, last week “GH” was pre-empted most of the week as a direct result of playoffs for Major League Baseball. However, last Monday’s episode was so juicy in terms of narrative you would have thought we were in November sweeps, no, we were simply ushering in the month of October. We learned Valentin was incredulous about Martin being mugged, as Julian wanted his hands on that letter that Nelle wrote incriminating him, but she thought one step ahead of him. How so? She mailed that letter to serial killer Ryan Chamberlain of all people.

Wow, I honestly did not think we’d see Ryan ever again after his murderous spree. However, he is back in the mix and his first indication of trouble to come was to contact his former flame Ava Jerome. It left Ava shaken, unnerved and worried to death that the man she was sleeping with who murdered her daughter could be up to no good once again. So it seems Ryan might have the leverage to blow up Julian’s world, meaning a serial killer gets out of jail and continues what he hoped to finish putting tons of lives in Port Charles at risk all over again. Oh, this is just crazy America, just crazy to say the least.

Robert and Olivia returned to PC, but things are not as they seem. Brook Lynn’s decision to conceal Olivia’s calls to Ned led to a drunken stupor with Alexis who was drowning her sorrows in relation to Neil’s demise. I mean Ned and Alexis were always a cute couple, and to be honest Olivia and Robert have much strong chemistry, so if the writers headed in this direction I would be ok with it. Lulu is so certain Peter is reformed, I cannot wait for her world to explode when the truth comes out, and it comes directly from Dante who is headed back to PC to investigate Peter. Hmm, wonder how Lulu will respond to her hubby being back in town and having to juggle Dustin in the mix people.

Another resident finding themselves in dicey waters is Julian Jerome. If Nelle wasn’t a headache, he know is being questioned by the police about Martin’s mugging, in addition to Cyrus wanting to purchase his business and now throw in the Julian Jerome drama and all sorts of chaos will explode. He is now entangled in the crosshairs with Ryan Chamberlain who is blackmailing Ava to keep her brother’s secret. Oh, this is delicious and dangerous TV people. I can finally see Ava getting her vengeance against Ryan. On top of this, Jackie Templeton has returned to town getting reacquainted with Robert of all people, not to mention she’s knows a few people in town.

Jackie is Chase’s mother, and Finn’s stepmother. Talk about awkward people because it was an awkward interaction to say the least. All this culminated with sorrow, as Sonny and company bid farewell to Mike Corbin. I feel like “GH” is really gearing up for an explosive November sweeps and I’m all for it.