HOLLYWOOD—It gave me absolute joy to write about the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” this week, because a villain or shall I say villainess who has been up to no good finally received her comeuppance. For those in the dark, I’m referring to Quinn Fuller-Forrester.

She has been working behind the scenes to cause trouble in the relationship between Ridge and Brooke for months with her bestie Shauna. After getting her claws into Ridge years ago and betraying Eric in the process, Quinn has never been a fan of Brooke, so pushing Shauna to get Carter to file those divorce papers without him knowing is the dirtiest deed of them all.

Shauna and Quinn thought their little secret would stay hidden, but oh, this was a wedding I could NOT wait to see play out in all its glory. While chatting with Shauna, Quinn was unaware that Katie (I swear this woman learns all the juicy secrets) and learned what the two women did. The marriage was a fraud and was manufactured behind the scenes. As a result, Katie went right to Ridge who was contemplating the decision while at the office, and she spilled the tea leaving Ridge flabbergasted to say the least America.

The claws came out after the big secret was revealed with Eric, Brooke, Katie, Ridge, Shauna and Quinn left reeling by the deception. Quinn feigned ignorant, but was busted by Eric of all people. When confronted she tried to deny it, but Eric heard and witnessed it all during her heated conversation with Shauna. Shauna couldn’t do anything, but tell Quinn she was sorry and her bestie was none too pleased to say the least.

You’re busted, you’ve been caught, the rug has been pulled out from underneath you, the lying just please stop it already. Brooke was ready to snatch Quinn’s head off, just as Ridge realized he had been hoodwinked, and the hammer was about to drop on Quinn for her deception to Eric of all people who thought she had reformed.

Beyond the wedding explosion, a familiar face made his return to Forrester Creations, Zende. However, Nicole was not with him, which I’m dying to know how the writers plan to explain this to the viewers because they were happily married when they left Los Angeles. Well it was simple, they are NO LONGER together anymore. I mean I thought they were happily married, but it seemed they just didn’t want to bring the character back.  I guess it works, and it seems Zende is about to be the thorn in the burgeoning relationship between Carter and Zoe. I mean Carter was finally getting a storyline and now this new face comes in and causes a ripple. Is it good for the narrative? Yes, but it just sucks at a viewer, so with Zoe’s sister making her way to town, this could make things interesting.