HOLLYWOOD—Oh, I never expected this to happen in a million years, the lovely couple, Cane Ashby and Lily Winters from “The Young and the Restless” are getting a divorce. Yes, Lily just hasn’t been able to forgive her one true love after his discretion with Juliet. As a fan of the soap, I’m sorry, but this annoys me greatly. Lily cheated on Cane, not once, but twice and he still forgave her. Yes, I totally get that she didn’t get pregnant during her transgression, but she cheated just like Cane.

I find it very hypocritical that she is unwilling to attempt to work with Cane to save her marriage and save her children (Mattie and Charlie) from further heartache. When Michael delivered the news to Cane, he was in utter shock, but fighting Lily on this isn’t a good idea. She has made her decision, and making the situation worse is Cane constantly being caught in compromising situations with Juliet. We all understand you have a baby on the way, but does that mean you have to be at Juliet’s beckon call. No.

With the divorce in play, this leaves both Juliet and Jordan the opportunity to move in on their respective targets. However, Jordan might have a chance with Lily, but I don’t think Cane will ever give into temptation again and give Juliet what she wants. I am eager for this storyline because it shows Hilary is starting to lose control when she is not in control. She knows that a divorce means she is losing her grip on Jordan who will be free to go after the woman he truly wants. Hilary has already attempted to get Cane to fight for his marriage, but those minds games are falling flat Hilary; you need to face the music. You reap what you sew!

Other big news is that Sharon, Tessa and Mariah finally got Alice to spill the tea on Crystal’s whereabouts and arranged a meeting to get her safely returned home.. I will admit the fact that Mariah challenged Cassie’s ghost to guilt Alice was astounding. I mean Alice was flabbergasted when she learned that Mariah was actually Cassie’s twin sister and she had absolutely no idea whatsoever.

It’s a good thing that the writers are aiming to tie up the loose ends to this sex-trafficking storyline, which is likely to leave Abby in disarray after learning that Ben, the guy she is dating is in cahoots with the madness. However, she did perceive a red flag when he snapped on her about their dating app having a few glitches. So Crystal and Tessa are reunited, Alice did the right thing, and Ben is going to have to get his hands dirty and show his cards to the rest of the world. Well, things aren’t so great for Alice people. Ben is aware she double-crossed him, he paid her pack by making her think she had loads of cash and when she attempted to escape one of those henchmen she was struck by a car.

It looks like the feud between Nicholas Newman and Victor Newman could be reaching a boiling point. Both want revenge, and honestly Victor is the last person anyone in Genoa City should go after because he always gets the last laugh. With Kevin back in town spying on Nick for Victor, I can only fathom what Victor plans to do to teach his son a lesson by taking all of his funds. Yeah, quite dirty to say the least Victor does not play softball people. He strikes where it hurts the most. He and Chelsea are the only ones that knows the true lineage of Sage’s son, which isn’t Nick’s people its Adam’s and I feel that secret is about to surface in a major, major way very soon.

Another great twist unfolding is the battle between Brash & Sassy and Jabot. Why? Ashley, Ravi and Jack have pegged that Billy is responsible for the latest leak of company information; however, they didn’t know it was a direct result of his access to his lover Phyllis’ computer. Oh, this is going to be juicy because a scorned Phyllis is the worse of them all. Making the situation worse is that Phyllis discovers Billy’s betrayal was a result of his allegiance to Victoria, his former flame. Billy and Victoria fell for Jack’s trap unaware that they know Phyllis’ computer was being used to spy on their company secrets. Ashley is shocked, Jack not so much, and this might be his opportunity to get a bit of revenge on Billy for sleeping with his wife under the lights. Things are indeed getting interesting on “The Young and the Restless” people!