SAN FRANCISCO—A San Francisco art gallery known for its print collection of “I love you California” that shows a bear hugging the shape of the state, revealed on Saturday, August 1, that they would be closing their storefront by the end of August.

In a social media statement, Eric Rewuitzer and Annie Galvin, the founders of 3 Fish Studios, said that they would be closing their workshop and studio located in the Outer Sunset in San Francisco.

The pair, who are married, started their business in 2007. Besides working on their art, they hosted small events with individuals from the community at the gallery. They have not been able to do so since the establishment was forced to shutdown, almost five months ago. 

They have been operating with curbside pickup, window shopping and deliveries in the past few weeks. Rewuitzer and Galvin noted the challenge meeting their expenses under the current situation. They purchase a place in Amador County, in the Sierra foothills, and have been working there since the shutdown started. Their plan is to create a new community from that location and to expand their art, as they mentioned in the announcement. 

The couple indicated they have to let go Orlie Kapitulnik, a Bay Area native artist who has been their store manager for seven years. They asked her to move to their new location, but she declined. In a social media post from 3 Fish Studios, Rewuitzer and Galvin said they would be facing the new chapter without her and added, “one of the hardest parts about closing our storefront at the end of August will be letting this one get away.”

The founders of 3 Fish Studios indicated they are excited about the new chapter. 

“So yes, things are changing big time for us at the end of August, but all in the spirit of making a space where we can continue to support ourselves as artists.  We look forward to sharing our new work as we settle into this next chapter,” said the couple in the announcement. “Thank you for your steadfast support of our business. We are truly grateful. Cheers for the memories made, and cheers to the memories to be made in the aftertimes.”