Five-Alarm Fire In SF*


SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday morning July 28, a five-alarm fire occurred in the city nearby U.S. Highway 101 with 1 injured firefighter, 3 residents displaced and 6 buildings were affected.

The blaze erupted near the 13th street and Folsom street. The first fire happened at 6:30 a.m. followed by the second fire that occurred at 7 a.m. Victor Wyrsch, a deputy fire chief of the San Francisco Fire Department said he got there during the second alarm. They had a huge problem of power lines, that they had to transform by falling on the ground, Wyrsch said. In order to do that, Wyrsch had back everyone up for safety. At the same time, PG&E was working with SFFD to help the situation by shutting down the power lines as soon as they could. The water department was also involved in the scene by supporting SFFD to get more water from various sources with their high-pressure system. Most of the water came from Twin Peaks and it was about a hundred millions gallon.

San Francisco Fire Chief, Jeanine Nicholson reported the fire got about 160 firefighters involved with 60 pieces of equipment, and approximately 75% of the fire was contained. Still, they have stopped forward progress. Meanwhile, about 100 workers were displaced from the commercial structures, and have been provided service by the city and the American Red Cross for recovery.

The last update from SFFD released, 3 truck companies and 3 engines were located on hot spots to make sure the places won’t have flare-ups, which had the potential to ignite. Now the injured firefighter has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home. The incident is still under investigation.

Five-Alarm Fire In SF* was originally published on San Francisco News

Five-Alarm Fire In SF* was originally published on San Francisco News