SAN FRANCISCO—Outdoor diners at local restaurants will see signs depicting pictures and graphics of wearing masks, as restaurants try another way to remind customers to follow mandatory mask laws. Starting August 8, San Francisco’s restaurant lobby will post signs with simple graphic depictions of what patrons are required to do, saying that the city hasn’t done enough to communicate and enforce a mask law that’s been in effect for over a month. 

Back on July 1, San Francisco city officials passed a mandatory face covering law for restaurant customers, part of which states:

“Customers must wear face coverings any time they are not eating or drinking, including but not limited to: while they are waiting to be seated; while reviewing the menu and ordering’ while socializing at a table waiting for their food and drinks to be served or after courses or the meal is complete; and any time they leave the table, such as to use a restroom. Customers must also wear face coverings anytime servers, bussers, or other Personnel approach their table.”

Some of these signs depict figures wearing masks while sitting at tables, others will clearly and visually depict situations in which the law mandates mask wearing, such as while waiting to be seated, anytime a server approaches your table, or any time you leave the table. These signs will be designed to clear up any confusion about the specifics of the mask law.

Golden Gate Restaurant Association

A statement on the Golden Gate Restaurant Association’s website says:

“This poster/postcard shows diners what the mask requirements are while dining out in San Francisco, per the City’s health order issued last month. Educating the public on San Francisco’s mask protocol for outdoor dining helps to protect both restaurant staff and guests while lessening the spread of COVID19.”