SAN FRANCISCO—On June 1, local sneaker consignment store, RIF San Francisco, released a statement on social media that they would be closing their doors after five years in business. This announcement was made after protests that occurred on May 31. A sign posted onto RIF SF’s front door read: “All merchandise are [sic] stolen and there’s nothing left! Please leave this property alone.”

RIF was first opened 14 years ago, in December 2006 by Jeff Malabanan and his partner in Los Angeles, California. The pair opened RIF San Francisco in 2015, located at 1630 Post St. In a series of photos and videos posted to RIF’s official Instagram page, Malabanan is standing behind the store’s shattered window and an empty shoe rack covered in broken glass. The series of photos shows images from the stores’ security cameras, as well as photos taken after the looting occurred.

“For the past 14 years it has only been me and my partner. No investors, just two Filipinos with a dream,” Malabanan wrote on Instagram. He continued to say:

“We wish we could’ve been in San Francisco more to serve the beautiful community that stands there. But after 5 years, we may have to say goodbye for now.” Malabanan stated that despite the Los Angeles location of RIF experiencing looting as well, that store will remain in business.

“We thank everyone who has been with us throughout our journey and look forward to serving our sneaker family once again here in LA,” said Malabanan.