HOLLYWOOD—It is indeed rare for a drama to kick-off an episode with such comedy, but this week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” delivered the laughs. ‘Enemy Secrets’ picked up right where last week’s episode left off, with Natalie losing her marbles about the possibility of Lushion and Alex carrying on a secret fling. It was hilarity to see Randal put on a ‘ghetto girl’ caricature as he antagonized Natalie, Lushion and Alex.

Lushion had a bit of truth with Natalie about how easily Randal was able to push her buttons, as the  lovers faced an epic crossroads in their relationship where the truth is slightly fractured. Randal did his best to cause a rift, but the bond between these two is so strong only death will shatter it. After the madness, Natalie revealed to Lushion that Justice confessed to murdering Ramsey, which didn’t alarm him as much as one expected.

Kelly clued Ian in on her relationship with Travis and his potential involvement in Ramsey’s murder, just as Steven found himself being antagonized by Eddie. However, a bigger plot point worth discussing is that spark of chemistry between Esperanza and Steven. Hmm, it certainly looks like those two could become an item in the coming episodes.

Natalie continued to be unnerved by Justice’s presence, and Lushion reassured her that the kid is lying. The information Natalie divulged left Lushion making a call to Ian to inform him that Justice might have more detail about Ramsey’s murder than Kelly herself. Brad returned home and got an earful from Alex about Randal’s latest tactics to make her go crazy. She was hesitant, but later informed Brad that something was off with her newborns DNA test, where it revealed Randal was not the father of the kid, but we all know he is.

Wow, I was certain Brad pulled the strings to fix the DNA test, but it looks like Alex’s doctor may have tampered with the test. Yeah, Alex, when you tell so many lies it’s difficult for one to believe you when you tell the truth. Brad was even adamant that Alex should reveal the truth to Randal about his child, and not allow Randal to suspect that Lushion is the father of her kid. Another fun development: Brad is capable of taking care of a child that is not his.

Well it seems Ian is truly looking for a home, and could become neighbors with Lushion, Brad, Alex, Natalie and Randal. He gave Marcie a call about a property that caught his eye, and Marcie revealed that the home he is looking at is in her previous neck of the woods. Ian commenced his interrogation with Justice where he started to share a variety of details about Ramsey and how he was committed. His confession seemed coerced, and the fact that Justice knew so much detail did raise eyebrows for both Ian and Lushion, who both confirmed that Justice KNOWS who committed the crime.

Marcie got an update from her doctor that all is going well with her bundle of joy. Ian returned to deliver Kelly the news that he was able to get her bail, but she would have to post 10 percent of $500,000, which meant she had to utilize her home as leverage. She was not pleased to do so, but she needed to do so. Ian spilled the tea that he was concerned about Justice and violent tendencies. Kelly flipped when he proposed the possibility that Justice killed Ramsey. When he revealed Justice claimed to be responsible for Ramsey’s death, Kelly started to unravel. Well, it’s time for round two between Marcie and Alex, as the ladies traded spars, and Alex revealed that she knows Marcie is carrying Randal’s child, not Brad’s. Alex made threats, and Marcie continued to trade blows with her nemesis.

The final moments were a stunner, as both ladies found themselves face-to-face with Randal who was concerned with what secret the ladies were keeping. Oh, next week looks interesting, Kelly is out on bail, Eddie looks like he’s been released and Alex’s doctor was not culpable in that DNA test switch people. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!