UNITED STATES—It was just a massive celebration in my family this past week. My oldest nephew (wow, I just realized that) completed his training at the police academy and is now officially a sworn police officer. Yeah, it just seemed like yesterday he was sharing with us that he wanted to be a police officer and of course I had a little bit of trepidation people. As a cop, he is placing his life on the line each and every day to serve and protect, it is indeed a scary prospect when you think about it. However, this is the thing he wanted. This was the career path he chose to take after deciding chemical engineering was just not his cup of tea after two years in college.

His graduation from the police academy was last week and seeing him take his oath, dressed in his uniform with his cap, getting his badge just hit me like a million bucks: this is reality. More than anything was seeing him prove that if there is something you truly want to accomplish you can make that happen and he did just that. Those 9 months since he began his training seemed to fly by quicker than I can count to three people. Maybe for me because I was not doing it, but for my nephew it was a rigorous program.

I find myself saying a daily prayer asking for God to watch over and protect my nephew each time he goes out the door to protect the citizens where he lives. I’m also saying an extra prayer for his parent, my brother and sister-in-law as that worry is always going to be there when someone is in law enforcement people. It takes a massive amount of courage do be a police officer. It is no easy feat even though so many of us take it for granted.

However, this column is not about my nephew becoming a police officer, it is about people seeing their career accomplishments manifest into a reality. My nephew just proved if it is something you want to accomplish you can make it happen. If you were to ask me a year this would happen, I would say no way. I just didn’t see it transpiring. The difference is when you commit to something and you make it a primary focus of yours there is absolutely nothing that can stop that thing from becoming a reality.

Look at Jeff Bezos with Amazon that started in a garage and has become this gargantuan business that sells just about any and everything you can think of. He had a vision and he fought for that vision to come to light. Think about all the actors and actresses who journey to Hollywood in hopes of becoming a successful actor. Some make it; some don’t. I don’t think it is just luck that matters in this particular field. Yes, it is cutthroat and vicious, but persistence is key!

There are those who get knocked down so much and get doors slammed left and right in their face, but they have grit, perseverance and refuse to give up. If it is something that you want, you refuse to allow anything to stop you from making that career you want to have to become a reality. We are sometimes are own worst opponents because the moment we allow the doubt to creep in it begins the deal breaker for many of our careers aspirations to disappear.

Written By Jason Jones