SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Zoo released new images on Friday, October 23 over Instagram of “Maki” the lemur who is recovering after being stolen from his enclosure.

The images on the SF Zoo’s Instagram (@SanFranciscoZoo) show 21 year-old Maki and his lemur friend, Barry, in the Lipman Family Lemur Forest habitat relaxing in their playhouse.

“We’re happy to report that Maki is getting stronger every day! He has been ‘chill-axing’ in the sun and re-socializing with his fellow lemur companions, including Barry, seen in the second photo,” the SF Zoo said in their Instagram caption.

The overnight burglary of Maki was reported by the SF Zoo on October 14, the San Francisco Police Department reported.

Maki was spotted in a park a day later and was safely returned to the zoo with the help of Daly City Police Department officers, Animal Care and Control workers and SF Zoo staff.

The SFPD reported that the suspect, Cory McGilloway, 30, of San Rafael, has been booked with the following charges: burglary, grand theft of an animal, looting and vandalism.

The investigation is still ongoing. Anyone with information regarding the investigation can call the SFPD at 1 (415) 575-4444.