HOLLYWOOD—The writers at the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” have to come up with better storylines because it seems like when one wraps they always resort to a previous one hoping to enthrall the viewers, and news flash, you’re not doing that in any way, shape or form. After more than a decade of the Thomas obsession with Hope Logan, Thomas might finally get what he wants and it has nothing to do with manipulation or does it?

Liam Spencer is not happy about Thomas working so closely with his wife Hope, yet again. As I explained in previous columns, Liam has every right to be suspicious of Thomas after all his shenanigans over the years. When Liam caught Hope and Thomas in a compromising position as a result of a fitting, where a freak accident occurred he spiraled. He lashed out at Thomas demanding he keep his hands off his wife. It led to a battle royal between Hope and Liam where he unleashed some well needed rage that was quite intriguing to say the least.

Liam has always been touted as the male version of Hope. A goody too shoes who never makes mistakes. However, he has waffled for years with his relationship between Hope and Steffy, finally making a decision in recent years to spend his life with Hope (the woman he actually belongs) with people. Hope couldn’t understand why Liam didn’t trust her with Thomas, and as he explained it is not her he doesn’t trust, its Thomas. Liam cut deep when he explained it was Hope constantly allowing Thomas in her life that allowed the chaos that has damaged their relationship over the years.

He listed every single thing Thomas has done to manipulate her and to prove his case that Thomas is a sociopath and as a viewer you cannot disagree with anything that Liam has stated. Hope did react by tossing Liam’s discretions in his face and it was a fair argument people. However, Hope’s failure to see Thomas’ manipulation is the big problem. The biggest thing she fails to realize is that Thomas kept the fact that her daughter was alive for months for his own selfish purposes. I’m sorry, but that is something that is unforgivable. He should have been placed in jail for that, similar to Flo, but nope, he gets a slap on the hand. He then begins stalking and obsessing about being with Hope, so much so that Brooke and Hope were forced to defend themselves from Thomas landing him in a coma after falling off a cliff.

If that wasn’t enough, he became obsessed with Hope via a mannequin. If that was not enough the biggest kicker was that he called Child Protective Services on himself to frame his mother-in-law. C’mon, if that happened in real life that parent would never have the opportunity to spend time with their child without having supervised visits. For some reason this time, Thomas has really reformed, Ridge believes it, Steffy believes it, Taylor believes it, Hope believes it, but Liam and Brooke are the only two, in addition to Wyatt and Bill Spencer, who realize that Thomas is not fully reformed people; he is dangerous, he’s damaged goods.

He loves this idea that people see him in a new light, but Thomas has impulses that he cannot control. You could sense that when he spoke about Hope and him fitting her for the new designs. The fact that Hope is suddenly fantasizing and thinking about Thomas in a romantic way is baffling. I mean it felt as soon as she had that conversation with Brooke about her attraction to bad boys Hope started to have these thoughts. First, she thought about kissing Thomas, then, while making love to Liam she fantasized about Thomas. This is indeed scary and the quick turnaround is the problem.

Hope lashed out at Brooke after seeing her have a moment with Ridge. The acting from Annika Noelle, I’m sorry it was not believable in the least bit. Why? Hope doesn’t react or act this way. It almost felt like she was high on something, the delivery just wasn’t there. As Brooke defended herself, it became clear she had no interest in Ridge. She is sticking to her guns to keep him out of her life and maintain her friendship with Taylor. FYI Thomas warned Taylor that Brooke and Ridge might reunite, so his gears are already clicking people.

Brooke was appalled by Hope’s behavior, as she practically called her mother a slut. And Brooke was having none of it as she immediately realized something was wrong with her daughter, and pegged that Hope might be having romantic feelings for Thomas. This is indeed Brooke’s worst nightmare, as well as Liam when he discovers what is happening. Liam shared his concerns about Thomas with Steffy, who defended her brother, and the fact that Thomas manipulated his son, not once, but multiple times she should proceed with caution. Steffy picked up on the odd energy between Hope and Thomas and alerted Liam of it, just as Brooke could tell Hope was developing feelings because of her behavior.

This is an intriguing narrative as it has been toyed with for years, and we’re finally seeing it coming to fruition, but I don’t know if I want to see a Thomas and Hope pairing. The aftermath of such an affair would cause so much chaos people. There is another romance I want to discuss, because Bill Spencer spilled the truth about his allegiance with Ridge to take down Sheila Carter. Taylor, Brooke, Eric, Steffy, Hope, Liam and everyone else was stunned with the reveal. No one was more stunned than Katie, who delivered a slap to Bill’s face before sharing an intense kiss with him.

Look, Carter and Katie are nice, but Katie belongs with Bill. They have a fire that Carter and Katie just don’t have. Where this is headed I’m not 100 percent certain, but Katie is about to be conflicted yet again with her feelings for her former hubby who cheated on her more times than one can count people. Trust is the big thing. Can Katie trust Bill? Probably not, but Bill was such a staple in helping to dismantle Sheila who suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. Li wanted to let her foe die, but Finn, knowing that Sheila was his mother, just couldn’t let that happen. She saved her, but if the audience thinks this is the end of Sheila, c’mon this is “B&B.” Sheila’s swan song is going to be way bigger than this people and I cannot wait for it.