Matt Damon Gives Life To “Bourne” Saga

Matt Damon on the set of the fifth installment in the "Bourne" franchise. Photo courtesy of Frank Marshall Twitter page.

HELLO AMERICA!—When the news crossed my desk that Matt Damon was actually taking over the reins again for the “Bourne” saga films, it made not only my day, but it made millions of motion picture fans want to stand up and applaud! Let’s face it, Damon is the only actor born to play that superman-type character who can out-think, run and wage hell and survive and have the audience totally on his side.

Jason Bourne is one character who is a CIA-trained killing machine who makes you feel safe no matter what the danger or circumstances. From what I gather, the first day of shooting was sensational. The other actors in the cast include Tommy Lee Jones, Julia Stiles, Vincent Cassel and Alicia Vikander, who are already are so compatible and dedicated to the story, one of the crew noted, “They are definitely a team, a damn close family. It’s inspiring to watch!”

Damon, after his last Bourne film, indicated it would be his last. He was finished and that was that. He didn’t entertain the idea again, no matter how many times the producers begged him to reconsider, until it was indicated that director Paul Greengrass, who had directed two of his other Bourne films, would be coming aboard. “Having Paul aboard,” he made very clear, “I knew there would be a place for idea-sharing and actually changing something to make it play better or more believable!”

When queried if this was possibly the beginning of another long run of Bourne adventure films, he laughed quite loudly and said, “We’ll see, I’m not getting any younger, you know!”

News is emerging that Vanessa Williams might return as a “Miss America” judge. The “Miss America Pageant” organization must be really hard-up to sign Vanessa Williams who lost her own crown in 1984 because of her nude photo layout in Penthouse Magazine. However, it does appear to be the case. My dealings with the actress, singer (of sorts) always seemed never real or honest. It was as if Vanessa was playing a character of sorts, every answer seemed planned, never genuine.

I found Vanessa cold, ambitious to the point that she really didn’t give a damn about anyone but herself. A few days later, after speaking with her, I received a call from the manager requesting that I attend her concert at the Universal Amphitheater. Afterwards, when being invited backstage she didn’t extend the courtesy of coming out of her dressing room to say “hello” or “thanks for coming!” Several other invited press guests, simply refused to wait and left quite insulted.

It is quite disturbing that performers who are so full of themselves seem to have some kind of longevity in our industry; it is especially sad when one observes that many of those who are “giving” and “receptive” to those with whom they work are quickly diminished in every way possible. Now, Vanessa Williams, a panel-judge for “the” “Miss America” contest? PLEASE “DO” GIVE ME A BREAK!