HOLLYWOOD─Wow. That is the only word I can use to describe the utter mayhem. There were plenty of new offerings for moviegoers, but it was a drama and World War II flick, “Midway” which rose to the top spot with an impressive $17.5 million gross. For a movie that was barely advertised in my eyes, it sure captured the attention of moviegoers.

Debuting in second place was the highly anticipated sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 classic, “The Shining.” No it’s not “The Shining 2” it’s “Doctor Sleep.” The flick has been heavily advertised and received positive reviews from critics, but it appears the fatigue or the lack of knowing exactly what this movie was about that prevented audiences from wanting to give it a shot. “Doctor Sleep” earned $14.1 million during the weekend, which means it’s not likely to have legs at the multiplex.

There were other offerings at the theater as well, as the comedy “Playing With Fire” debuted in third place with an impressive $12.8 million. The comedy stars John Cena, John Lequizamo and Keegan Michael-Key as firefighters babysitting kids. Landing in fourth place was the romantic comedy “Last Christmas” starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Goulding with $11.6 million.

Last week’s champion, “Terminator: Dark Fate” saw a massive tumble to land in fifth place. The film dropped more than 60 percent in its second weekend, to earn only $10.5 million. After only 10 days in theaters, the latest sequel in the franchise has only earned $48 million at the domestic box-office. Safe to say, this flick is the biggest bomb to date.

The movies keep on coming with the holidays fast-approaching. This weekend sees the release of the drama “Ford v. Ferrari” starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon. Also hitting theaters is the latest reboot of “Charlie’s Angels,” this time with Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks in the driver seat.