HOLLYWOOD─Last week we witnessed Alpha and ‘The Whisperers’ implementing their plan to deliver a blow to our protagonists. This week we saw the ramifications of last week’s cliffhanger involving Negan stumbling into the battlegrounds of our villains in ‘Bonds.’ Things kicked off with Carol getting back to normalcy after spiraling a few episodes ago. Helping her along the way was her one confidant, and loyal pal, Daryl.

The duo hunted for Negan, little do they know he’s fallen into the hands of the Whisperers. Daryl knew Carol was up to something, and after a bit of digging Carol admitted she was looking for Alpha’s horde. The new doctor in Alexandria is certainly making the rounds, especially his budding relationship with Siddiq. Carol is one smart cookie; she’s thinking one step ahead of Alpha and her constant usage of the walkers to issue threats to her foes.

Hmm, now this is interesting, the Whisperers blindfolded Negan so he would spill the location of their camp or headquarters. Eugene intercepted a message from Rosita who wanted to reconnect with a friend, just as she battled illness. It’s neat that our heroes have a radio to communicate with those not in close proximity. From a distance, Daryl and Carol spotted Whisperers emerging from the woods, which led to them further investigating the location.

Beta wanted Negan dead, but Alpha wanted to test the threat. I like this friction that is developing between Alpha and Beta, and Negan spotted it from a distance. Oh, this is the Negan, I love; one who is perceptive and utilizes the information he sees to neutralize an opponent. Rosita does NOT look good people and that worries me. Daryl still concerned about Carol’s wellbeing searched her bag, too bad she was fully aware of what he was up to.

It certainly looks like Negan is bonding with Beta, which means we could be looking at a dangerous duo. It looks like a major illness is spreading to the residents in Alexandria, just as Eugene intercepted a call from a source that left him baffled to say the least. Carol and Daryl stumbled upon the Whisperers and their horde, and they battled for their survival. In the midst of that bloodshed, Carol was able to capture one of the Whisperers, which alarmed Daryl who was concerned about what his pal was up to. Daryl, your pal is trying to get a leg up on the enemy, the same people who murdered a host of your friends in case your forgot.

Negan on the other hand was planning to get an ‘in’ when it came to Alpha, but Beta ensured that was not the case, by betraying Negan and unleashing a horde of walkers on the runaway. Eugene continued to communicate with a mystery party, one who was careful not to divulge too much info out of fear or trusting the wrong person. Wow, Eugene are you really about to spill the tea of our protagonists, which is a complete stranger?

Beta was stunned to see that Negan survived his test, as was Alpha, who was quite speechless to see Negan in the flesh. Alpha as a threat was one thing, but Negan as an ally to the Whisperers, is beyond dangerous it is damn deadly.

Carol has a Whisperer in her clutches, Alexandria is ill, Negan is causing chaos. I mean what else can fans expect? All cannot be as it seems, and rather Negan is crossing over to the dark side or planning some sort of hero arch is to be seen. We have only a few episodes left before the mid-season finale and I cannot wait till next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards.