Monk Imposters Scamming Pedestrians


    SAN FRANCISCO—A street scam famous for ensnaring travelers in European countries has made its way to San Francisco.

    The scam is performed by someone who slips a bracelet onto the wrist of an unsuspecting bystander. The apparently generous stranger then begins commanding you to hand over cash in exchange for an item you never asked for or wanted.

    Unlike this man,mr he “monks” roaming the streets of SF aren’t religious leaders.

    The scammers currently plaguing the streets of San Francisco have added their own creative twist to the art of ripping-off pedestrians, dressing-up as a monk and pretending to gather signatures for a peace petition.

    After their target signs the petition, the “monks” solicit a cash donation. If the target doesn’t fork over the cash, the beaded bracelet is rudely snatched back and the scammer moves on to another person.

    Anyone targeted by the “monks” is advised to stand their ground and not allow the scammers to snatch their money. Because no financial transaction was agreed upon before the bracelet was forced upon you, there is no obligation to hand-over your cash.