UNITED STATES—I used to be someone that argued we had too much time in a single day, but the more I think about it 24 hours in a day is just NOT enough. Why? It seems like you never have enough time to complete the tasks or to do the things that you need to get done. Let’s just all say it, 24 hours is NOT enough in the day America. It just is not enough time. With that said, we spent more than half of the day at work and that doesn’t include the 1-2 hours traveling to and from that day job. One that some of us love, one that many of us hate.

Then you have to factor in the outside forces that play against you: traffic, family, navigating meals, errands, extracurricular activities the list goes on and on. I think the biggest factor is that we’ve been psychologically programmed to believe you only need 8 hours of sleep and that you have to work at least 8 hours when it comes to work. Do the math people that is 16 hours of the day gone with the snap of a finger, leaving you with only 8 hours left, and a vast majority of that time you might be taking care of miscellaneous errands or what not.

So when it is said and done, you might as well chunk off another 3-4 hours, meaning you truly only have about 4 hours, maybe 5 if you’re lucky to yourself in a given day. Granted I did not bring up the issue of children because if you have kids you’re losing another 2-3 hours people. So what transpires next, the down time you have you’re so exhausted you try to sleep, but guess what: YOU CAN’T SLEEP. I always wondered if we had another hour or two in the day would that make a difference.

Would that be time that we would utilize for ourselves, would it go to family, would it go to work? I hate to say it, but I suspect it would go to work and that is the said part, we’re working more to try to get things done, but the work we put in never truly benefits us in the long run America. So the extra time is not actually used to benefit you as it should be. However, that does not stop me from thinking, many what I would do if I just had one more hour in a day.

I would likely sleep or utilize that time for MYSELF! However, that is the problem America, the time we have is so limited and we’re not careful how we utilize it. Most of it is catered to other people, but just imagine how great so many of our lives would be if we actually took a moment and utilized are free time for ourselves, the things we could accomplish would be amazing.