HOLLYWOOD—I knew this was the plan ions ago when Carter’s emotions involving Quinn Fuller returned on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Well the chaos erupted with Carter and Paris’ impromptu wedding with minimal guests, Ridge, Bill Spencer, Grace, Zende, yeah the guest list was so interesting. Carter and Paris were exchanging vows, when Quinn came to blow the wedding to hell people. Let me be clear, if you’re having a wedding it never ends well in the soap opera universe.

Quinn was still reeling after discovering that her husband Eric had been secretly having an affair with Donna Logan. FYI, Bridget also busted her father in the act. Talk about being shocked people that is just scaring someone for life. Quinn and Eric came to a meeting of the minds to realize that their marriage is indeed over and he pushed his wife to go after the man she loves. Wow, that did happen people! Quinn was rushing to get to the location and utilized a funny bike to make it happen.

Quinn poured out her heart and explained what occurred with Eric. That resulted in Carter quickly dishing Paris like a wet towel and the wedding that we thought (I actually knew it was not going to happen), exploded. Paris was heartbroken, Grace, her mother called it and delivered a slap to Carter’s face who tried to apologize. The slap was weak to be honest, and if anything Paris should have delivered that slap people. However, Zende, the guy who all viewers thought Paris would end up with, was there to wipe her tears and build her back up.

Hmm, I don’t know how I feel about a Zende and Paris relationship now, even though Grace has been pushing it for months. I mean is the audience about to see the end of Paris and Zende? I don’t see how they plan to work Paris, Zende, Carter and Quinn all working at Forrester without a bit of friction. Well, if anything, it might be time for FC to have a no fraternizing policy with its staff. That might prevent such matters from taking place. Carter and Quinn made love and everything is peachy right now. So it makes one wonder what is next for Carter and Quinn, guess we will just have to watch and see.

The other big news of the hour on “B&B” is the fact that Finn has finally woken up from his coma. Finn was groggy and could barely speak America. However, he found his bearings and whoa. Sheila was spiraling realizing that Finn’s condition was not looking good and she thought he coded and she lost her son all over again. Mike, Sheila’s former pal who helped her escape prison showed up and called Sheila out on all her antics people. Somebody should.  I mean Mike pointed out the person who Sheila needs to ensure Finn’s condition improves, Li, his pal killed. However, Sheila was still baffled that a body has yet to be reported. Um, we all know what that means America: Li is still alive and just hiding out somewhere.

Back to Finn, he awoke and then remembered what his mother did: she shot him. On top of that he noted that Sheila hurt his wife Steffy, as he longed to be reunited with her. Sheila was at a loss for words people and oh this is about to become juicy, chaotic and everything you want in a soap opera America. Finn is back, Sheila has her guard down, and I sense the culmination of Sheila’s Carter’s sins from the past will explode in epic fashion in the weeks to come.