SAN FRANCISCO—Over a dozen Muni passengers in San Francisco had to evacuate their train after it stalled on the tracks on Tuesday, March 7. Upon evacuation, the passengers had walk through the tunnel the train malfunctioned in.

The railway was delayed for about 30 minutes while passengers were offloaded and the stalled train had to be moved out of the way around 1 p.m. indicated Paul Rose, a spokesman for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority to the SF Chronicle.

Shuttles were set up by Muni and waited between the Embarcadero Station and the West Portal Station for the passengers to get them to their final destinations.

A three-minute video showing the evacuation of the train was taped by a passenger and posted to his Twitter account. The clip showed the passengers slowly making their way down a narrow walkway at the side of the metro tunnel before finally emerging back at the Van Ness station.

Despite the train being removed, the transit service warned that there would be continued inbound and outbound delays.

Muni continued to work to restore service, switching some trains back in both directions in an attempt to close gaps between services. Officials have not yet announced what led to the trains stalling.