SAN FRANCISCO—A new smartphone app titled “SnapCrap” will help clean up poop from the streets of San Francisco. The app launched last week for iOS users and is being frequently used.

To use the app simply take a photo of feces that is found on the street and sidewalk and the app will send it into the 311 hotline. Users are also able to add a caption to the photo. The 311 hotline receives about 65 calls a day regarding cleaning up human waste on city streets. In 2017, more than 24,300 requests were received to clean up the streets.  To tackle the issue, a “Poop Patrol” was created in April 2018 by the San Francisco Department of Public Works.

Sean Miller, 24, inventor of the app, got the idea when he moved from Vermont to San Francisco in 2017. According to reports, Miller was shocked to see so much human waste on the sidewalk. That app has already received a few hundred downloads and Miller hopes to advance the features on the app.

The app already has 25 reviews on the Apple Store and a 3.3 star review. One user left a five star review stating:

“Literally two taps to street cleanup. I used Snapcrap on dog poop on 6th and Howard. Street cleaners showed up a day later, free. Awesome app!”

The app is compatible with an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS 9.0 or later.