SAN FRANCISCO—An orange gloom has been cast over the Bay Area as of Wednesday, September 9. AIRNow San Francisco reports a moderate air quality index (AQI). The reason for the moderate AQI is SF’s marine Layer, which normally cast a thick layer of misty fog over the bay.

According to ABC7’s Meteorologist Mike Nico, the marine layer is protecting the bay from smoke and ash.

Photographed by Hayley Fouratt. View from apartment in Russian Hill, SF

While the AQI is moderate, AIRNow reports notable levels of PM 2.5. in the air which poses a slight risk to those who are sensitive to particle pollution. High risk groups include,

“Those with heart or lung disease (including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-COPD), older adults, and children. Research indicates that pregnant women, newborns, and people with certain health conditions, such as obesity or diabetes, also may be more susceptible to PM-related effects,” according to AIRNow’s website.

Photographed by: Talia Hamilton. View of 76 on Taraval Street

AIRNow predicts that AQI will remain moderate through out the week.