CONTRA COSTA—An east bay couple are facing multiple charges of abuse and torture stemming from the death of their 11 year-old daughter. Reports indicate the child suffered  abuse extending back to at least November 27, 2020. The couple are currently being held in Contra Costa County jail with a bail amount of 1.4 million each while they wait arraignment on April 14. 

On March 23, Police responded to a 9-1-1 call from 30-year-old Rene Diaz and the girl’s stepmother, 29-year-old Crystal Diaz, requesting emergency services for their daughter, 11 year-old Annai Diaz. When authorities arrived at 3:30 a.m., at the home on the 10 block of Railroad Avenue in Rodeo, they pronounced Annai dead in the couples master bedroom. While attending to Annai, medical personnel immediately noticed the girl was covered in bruises and burns. 

Court documents released to NBC Bay Area state that the extent of Annai’s injuries were extensive and she suffered “permanent disability and disfigurement” at the hands of the couple. The parents of Annai were both arrested and have been charged with four counts of child abuse, torture and aggravated mayhem from the Contra Costa County District Attorneys Office. The torture charges submitted allege that from March 9-23, Annai was abused and tortured with “intent to cause cruel and extreme pain and suffering.” 

The exact cause of death of Annai is still unknown as the autopsy is still underway. Deputy DA Derek Butts told NBC Bay Area once the results of the autopsy are completed the district attorney’s office would “reevaluate whether other charges should be added.” Butt also stated that the couple’s other three children between the ages of three and nine years old have been taken to safety.