HOLLYWOOD—I think I teased this a few months back, when it was first revealed on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” that Jack Abbott was not the son of John Abbott. Since then, Jack has been taken on a whirlwind of emotions thinking that he was the son of the late Philip Chancellor, not to mention the recent notion that he might be related to Lauren Fenmore. Why the writers even considered that pathetic storyline I will never know.

With all that madness, we’ve come back to a very interesting notion; Jack might be the son of Albert Miller. Some of you might be saying who is Albert Miller? He is the father of the notorious Victor Newman. Oh, yes, it is very plausible that Victor and Jack could be brothers! I always thought this was a possibility, but the fact that the soap is really amplifying this theory has me thinking it is indeed very possible. I mean how crazy would that be if two known enemies, both who have done devious things to one another discovered they are actual blood relatives. To say this revelation would change Genoa City is an understatement. Do I believe Jack wants a piece of Newman Enterprises? Not quite, but it would without a doubt make Kyle happy. He’s always looked at Victor as a father figure, so to be tied to him via blood would only make his push to get into the Newman melee would intensify.

Let’s talk about Kyle a bit, he won his bet against Summer, but refused to bed her. He has feelings for Summer, but at the same time she was the woman that toyed with his heart and worse actually shattered it. Kyle hasn’t shown that side of him too many, but Mariah was able to easily pick up on that. However, it looks like a new love tale could be in the mix between Kyle and Lola, Arturo’s younger sister. Kyle you might want to tread careful with this relationship. Why? Well, not just because Arturo is her brother, but because Rey is her older brother.

Rey is an enigma whose true motive for being in Genoa City finally came to light last week when he arrested Nick Newman at the launch of Dark Horse for his entanglement with J.T. Hellstrom. We all know that Nick did not kill J.T. or abed him in his escape, but it gave Rey and Paul the information they needed to make their next move. Rey knows J.T. was last seen at Victoria’s house. So he is getting closer to realizing that Victoria, Sharon, Phyllis and Nikki are culpable in what transpired with J.T. Rey is making enemies in Genoa City, but he doesn’t seem to care too much, but Sharon is no fan of the guy she was once smitten by.

We have to chat about Billy Abbott because the guy is spiraling yet again, not with drinking, but with his gambling addiction. I mean the guy is starting to take money from Jabot to deal with his habit. Gloria is on to him, so is Kyle and Ashley is secretly working on something to oust her ‘brother’ from the top position at the company. Ashley and Abby have been working behind the scenes to help Jack with his quest to find his father, but Abby a bit more than Ashley as she is concerned by what Victor might do if he learns that Jack could indeed be his half-brother.

Man, now that I think about it that complicates things a ton, because that would make Jack Abby’s uncle on both her mother and father’s side, while also making him an uncle to Nick, Victoria and Adam. I really hope the writers push this narrative full-force because it could deliver so many shakeups in Genoa City the potential for storytelling skyrockets to new heights.