UNITED STATES—There is nothing more annoying than when people seem to think they have the absolute right to be all up in your personal life. I mean people want to know who you’re dating, where you’re living, how much money you have a host of other things. Hold on, pause, stop for a minute. Last time I checked, I was an adult. I pay my own bills, I take care of myself, what I do with my personal time, my money and my personal life is my business NOT yours.

I get family feels the need to encroach on things and want to give their advice and feedback, but that is where it stops people. People who don’t have much going on in their life, will always want to tell you what you should and should not being doing with your life. That is the problem with an opinion, it seems that everyone has one, all the time, no matter what you’re doing and where you’re doing it, they feel that need to share what they think you should or better yet, what they think you should do. If you’re NOT doing what they think you should be doing, then you are wrong. You are wrong and you need to be redirected to the appropriate course people based on what they ‘think.’

It can easily become frustrating having to battle with family about the decisions you make in your life, but that is the key phrase ‘your life.’ Not theirs. The irony of someone who is terrible with money, telling someone who is good with money how to save their money more tells you a lot of things. You’re bad with money, how the hell are you going to tell me how to save money when you can barely save money.

Of course I get it, you want me to not make the same mistakes that you made, but guess what, if I’m not having money problems and you don’t hear me complaining what does that tell you America? Hmm, think about I for a second, it simply means I don’t need your help so back off.

The same does with dating. Sometimes people just need to figure out what they want in life before trying to bring someone else into their life people. Dating is complicated, you have social media, you have apps and so much more. Dating is NOTHING like it used to be in the past people, it’s more stressful now more than ever before. You win some you lose some, but in the end you live and learn, but being setup on a blind date, that is sometimes the worst because you have to fake smile and act as if you enjoy someone’s company whose orbit you don’t want to be anywhere near people.

At times it feels like you may have to give the keys of your kingdom to family and just let them navigate where you should be and should NOT be going. Family you love them, at times you hate them, but I guess at the end of the day they behave the way they do as a sign of love. However, sometimes love can be overwhelming and annoying. Let me breathe, let me think, let me decide for my own. I’ve carved a path that I find most suitable for my success, so let take that journey the best way I know how, even if you disagree with the choices that I’m making. In the end it is my life, so the choices I make I have to live with rather you like them or not.

Written By Jason Jones