UNITED STATES—On Wednesday, April 13, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott sent a busload of undocumented immigrant aliens (UIAs) to the U.S. Capitol in protest of President Joe Biden allowing the Title 42-Stay in Mexico policy to expire.

Abbott paid for a one-way bus trip for about three dozen UIAs from Texas to Washington DC with a promise that the second bus was on the way.

“We are sending them to the United States Capitol where the Biden Administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across the border,” said Abbott.

Title 42 was initiated by the Trump Administration in an effort to keep immigrants in Mexico while they waited to be processed. They were not permitted back into the United States until they were properly vetted. Prior to Title 42, some undocumented immigrants failed to return for their processing dates.

According to reports, border patrol checkpoints are already overwhelmed with thousands of illegal border crossings daily. The U.S. government has been picking up immigrants at the border and releasing them into small towns across the country including the Texas Rio Grande Valley, that is overwhelmed with illegal immigrants.

According to a report by US Customs and Border Protection, on May 21, 2020, the Title 42 plan was initiated when COVID-19 was prevalent in both Canada and Mexico, “causing a serious danger of further introduction of COVID-19 into the United States.”


“The U.S Department of Homeland Security has no real plan for addressing this unprecedented surge of illegal aliens,” Abbott stated in the letter.

In an April 13 press release, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported the interception of two more smuggling attempts resulting in 306 arrests in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.