HOLLYWOOD—A lot has transpired on “General Hospital” since we last spoke, the biggest being Nelle Benson is presumed on the run by many Port Charles residents, but Carly and Jax are the only to know she fell off that cliff. Carly tried to help, but it was too late. That half-heart pendant that Nina holds the other half to was spotted on the ground, but no sign of Nelle people. Chloe Lanier has exited the soap, but I’m certain Nelle will return when least expected and it will be utter chaos when it transpires.

With that said, Brooke Lynn is recovering in the hospital, Olivia and Robert have taken off to see Dante, Anna received a call from Alex and Peter is starting to unravel. Olivia had no luck in seeing Dante who refused to see his mother, even though she was sobbing and begging to see her son. I’m intrigued with this storyline to see where it’s going or what big reveal will come from all of this.

With that said, let’s chat about the Anna, Alex and Peter saga. Anna knows very well that Alex could actually be Peter’s mother and not her based on those implanted memories she is well aware of. I will admit Alex’s sudden call to her sister was interesting and it unnerved Anna to the core. So much to the point she got into a tiff with Finn and asked Valentin for help to nail her sister.

Valentin was all ears, but even he knew that Alex was dangerous and after being outed by Sam to Nina, Valentin really needs to fade into the background if he wants any chance of winning Nina’s heart. That will not transpire because he is being pulled into another potential cover-up courtesy of Peter who is worried his world is about to blow up. Anna knows in her gut Peter is up to no good, but because he’s her ‘son’ she wants to ignore what Robert, Jason, Sam and even Finn have been telling her up to this point. It’s going to blow up in your face Anna, and to be honest I cannot for the ramifications because they are going to be glorious.

I mean just think about what Peter did to cover his tracks. He helped Shiloh escape prison who went after Jason and Sam. He framed Sam who was locked in prison and away from her children. He arranged for Drew to be killed, tried to murder Dr. Andre Maddox and Franco, oh, and he arranged for Holly’s ‘death.’ You cannot reform from such treachery and making matters worse is the fact that Maxie is pregnant, Peter now knows and his secrets have come out courtesy of Nelle Benson to Spinelli. It was all the information Spinelli needed to set up his master plan to catch Peter in a web and it happened flawlessly. Peter contacted Valentin once confronted by Spinelli and it was all captured on tape. So this means Valentin’s hands in Nelle’s machinations will be exposed he’ll make a new enemy in Sonny and Carly and Peter’s happily ever after is about to blow up in his face in a major way.

Cyrus has been exposed as the person responsible for Jason’s motorcycle accident, and after Brando was roughed up by Cyrus goons it was clear as day and night for Sam, Jason and Spinelli. Cyrus fired Monica and Bobbie from the hospital, continues to gloat about his newfound powers, as Sonny, Jordan, Taggert and Jason continue to work behind the scenes to take him down without him even hearing a peep about his downfall in the works. Another shockwave was the death of Neil, who just rekindled his relationship with Alexis. The duo went to sleep and when Alexis woke, she found Neil unresponsive, he was dead people.

The big news of the week was the revelation that Neil died from an overdose via an injection. Nothing made sense to Alexis who was driven to get to the truth, and guess who found key evidence that could be crucial: Julian Jerome of all people. All fingers are starting to point to Cyrus, but the question viewers want to know is WHY? Neil seemed like such a non-entity so why would Cyrus go after him. Did Neil have a relationship with the drug lord that no one knew about? Does not look that way, which adds another layer to the mayhem which will be fun to see unfold.