HOLLYWOOD—Lucas has become the man of the hour people on “Pretty Little Liars.” This week’s episode, ‘The Glove That Rocks the Cradle’ opened with Spencer being questioned with intense interrogation by members of the Rosewood Police Department. It was apparent our smartest liar is in the midst of a power struggle with her new love toy, Detective Marco. It became apparent that the truth to solving the mystery behind Archer Dunhill’s disappearance was coming to a head people.

Emily and Ali started preparations for that bundle of joy, just as Aria realized that A.D. hates being ignored. Spencer alerted Aria, Emily, Hanna and Ali that the authorities are close to nailing them. Hanna devised a plan to get her hands on that receipt and planned to utilize Caleb to accomplish that goal. However, she didn’t expect A.D. to force her to play the game again, this time with Aria as her tormentor. Caleb wanted to play protector to Hanna, and she revealed that Spencer made sacrifices to protect her friends.

Ezra delivered bad news to Aria that she will not be joining him on the press tour for his book. Caleb deciphered audio Hanna received from the enemy; a song from Patsy Kline. We keep hearing that song people, so start connecting the dots. Marco was surprised to see Spencer, as his walls went up. Hmm, Spencer seemed to confess to a cop, not the smartest thing in my book, because this guy was not backing down from doing his job. She spotted a drive from Lucas and stole it.

The liars watched a video confession from Lucas who didn’t fully cover the liars as Hanna thought he did. He acknowledged that Aria, Emily, Spencer and Ali were capable of murdering Charlotte. The ladies attempted to force Hanna to realize that Lucas may not be the savior she thinks he is. A rift started to surface as Emily became the pregnancy monitor. Aria is not doing the best job in my opinion at covering what she is up to. Mona was not happy to see Hanna cut her out, and wanted details about the endgame, just as it looks like “PLL” is returning back to where things where in season 1, 2 and 3.

This might be a stretch, but what if Mona was A.D. people? Hanna dropped off that drive at the school, as Emily and Ali watched from a distance. Damn, Ali and Emily were so focused on their emotions they missed the culprit. Aria was forced to do A.D.’s bidding by destroying the nursery Ali and Emily worked on. Spencer, Emily and Ali were livid with the destruction to their nursery and they realized that Lucas was working with someone. Things did not look good for Aria, as Spencer suspected her BFF to be up to no good. Hanna frantically searched for a copy of that receipt, but it was missing in action, which prompted Caleb to destroy all the evidence to cover their tracks. Hanna discovered from Mona’s voice mail that she was at the school, and our fearless liar caught Lucas on video, revealing that he might be more intertwined in the madness than we suspect.

Spencer finally mastered getting an edge over Detective Marco. Lucas was forced to acknowledge his involvement in Charlotte’s torture of the liars. He revealed that emails he sent to Charles aka Charlotte, delivered the motive to torture the liars. Lucas revealed that there is a second book that evolved into a game, one that he is uncertain of the ending. Aria it would be wise for you to divulge the truth now and not later. It became clear that the friendship between Lucas and Hanna is indeed authentic, but my suspicions of him being A.D. are now down the drain.

Detective Marco was not pleased to learn that the flood inside Radley destroyed evidence he was looking for; lovers are now enemies people! Alison confessed her love to Emily, which ended in a passionate kiss between the ladies. Aria discovered a scar on her arm that led her to breakdown in tears with the realization of what she did to her pals.

The final moments of the episode saw A.D. going through the final pages of that comic book Lucas talked about, as he/she begin to draw what looked like a grave. Man, with Lucas out of contention of being A.D. (he’s too obvious at this point), I honestly have no clue at this point! Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!