HOLLYWOOD—After a season that seemed to drag at times, Tyler Perry sure wrapped up season 3 of his hit “If Loving You is Wrong” with a ton of shocking moments. SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the finale stop reading now! This week’s episode, ‘Sound the Alarm’ picked up precisely where last week ended with Kelly being attacked in her home yet again, by Travis who wanted Kelly to make love to her. He threatened to murder his former flame if she tried anything, as he held a knife to her throat.

Kelly made a run for it as Travis tried to sexually assault her. Travis fled the scene when he heard Justice scream about calling the police, which allowed Kelly to escape. Brad confronted Marcie about her pregnancy, and she revealed a bombshell to the audience: the baby is not Brad’s its RANDAL’S! Whoa, that changes everything people. Just when this relationship was heating up it looks like it is about to fizzle. Brad revealed to Marcie that Alex suspects her baby is his. He asked his pal to stop antagonizing Alex. They shared quite a few kisses, but it became apparent that the chemistry is long gone people.

At the club, Ben got chatty with Julius who wanted him to loosen up a bit with his female friends, and things got quite intense as Ben found himself in the hot seat. Julius fired shots into the air to warn everyone cellphones are a big no-no. The level of power Julius has is uncanny, and he told Ben that he was being used. Julius divulged details that the Captain was under his father’s payroll, and Eddie learned details that Julius did not want him to know.

Natalie and Lushion were about to indulge in lovemaking, but a phone call from Esperanza interrupted things. Natalie spotted Travis lurking outside her window and warned her hubby of the danger lurking. Lushion was not pleased that his co-workers did not believe what has transpired. Kelly unleashed all hell on the Maxine Police Department. At long last, it was an epic moment to see someone finally call out this corrupt police department and not have any quarrels about doing it.

Round two between Randal and Alex emerged in the court chambers, as our vixen decided to acknowledge the truth. She begged Randal to allow visitation, but the DNA test ruled that RANDAL IS NOT THE FATHER OF ALEX’S CHILD! Whoa, then who the hell is the father of Alex’s baby? I suspect her doctor had her husband utilize the legal system to help her patient. Kelly and Natalie had a chat about her predicament. A bit of laughter finally, as Natalie wanted to bless her home with a bible. Natalie continued to push her pal to get a gun to protect herself.

Back at the police station, Lushion received a call from Pete updating his pal that Eddie is about to be taken down, but Steven was not happy that his chance to take out Julius was up in the air. Kelly heeded Natalie’s advice, and received a visit from a friend who would help her get gun. It was apparent that Travis did some funny business with Kelly’s credit cards with fraudulent charges, draining all of her funds. Travis is indeed making Kelly’s life a living hell people.

Eddie busted Ben for driving Julius’ vehicle and having drugs. Our dirty cop made threats per usual, just as he decided to take Julius vehicle for a joy ride. Dumb mistake Eddie taking that car with the drugs still in the passenger seat! Natalie invited all her pals to her home, but Kelly keep mum on her situation, but the ladies sensed something was off. Lushion and Steven were concerned when they couldn’t locate Eddie, and it became apparent that Ben had no idea as to what was transpiring.

Eddie was surprised when he received a visit from Julius alerting him that the FBI is onto him. He alerted Eddie that the Captain works for him, and it was apparent that Eddie was scared straight. Julius was not entertained with Eddie’s begging, and as I expected Julius has a plant inside the MPD, the question is who? Things got awkward with the arrival of Marcie to the scene. I hate to say it, but Marcie has always been the odd one out.

The ladies learned that Marcie is pregnant, and she bragged about the fact that her baby daddy is Brad, which is not true. Well, at last, the ladies took a stance to try to get Alex and Marcie to come to a truce. Marcie dropped the bomb that Randal is not the father of Alex’s son. Alex looked like she was ready to rip Marcie’s face off, just as Marcie placed more doubt into Natalie’s mind about Lushion maybe being the father of Alex’s son, which makes me suspect Alex is keeping a whopper of a secret people!

Brad, Alex and Marcie were about to have a conversation, but it was apparent Marcie is out for vengeance at all cost, but she might get hurt along the way. Inside Alex’s home, she confessed her feelings for Brad, just as he did his best to resist temptation, but was not able to do so. From the porch, Marcie realized that her happily ever-after with Brad was not going to happen.

Back at the police station, Steven and Lushion learned that Eddie was about to be taken down, and the authorities blocked Eddie in as guns were drawn on him. At long last, the dirty cop was forced to face the music, with no way to escape. Natalie was in an uproar, about Alex, and as the ladies dropped the kids off, Kelly’s world was turned upside down when she was placed under arrest for the murder of Ramsey. That was NOT the shocking moment of the 90-minute finale, it was the sound of a gun going off inside Kelly’s house, with all the kids inside?

So many questions so many answers we’re dying to know? How the cops determined Kelly committed murder, what is going to happen with Eddie, who is the father of Alex’s baby? And worse of all who got shot? Those questions are not likely to be answered until September 2017 “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!